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Team Blanket No. 5: For California Fire Victims


I’ll be sending my square tomorrow.


It’s here! The first blanket is complete and drying! Thank you everyone for the first set of squares. We officially have enough squares for a total of 3 blankets. We’re making some folks in Northern CA very warm this winter!


Wow Deb, that looks beautiful and a lot of work you put in to getting it all together :+1: 3 blankets-that’s awesome!!


What a beautiful blanket! Very proud to see my square among the other lovelies! The purple edging was a great choice. Thank you for doing this!! Cassie


I’ll have my square in the mail by Friday. I kept having to set it aside - but I enjoyed knitting it whenever I had time!


@Popperfisk - Dawn, your square arrived today. It was actually here several days ago, but I had to pick it up at the post office and I just crossed that chore off my list.


@elselynn - I would love your help with some seaming and the icord bind-off on the second blanket. Can we organize a rendezvous this weekend or next? why don’t we take this off line - and you can either call me at 415 577 4594 or email me at

Much thanks to @ma.vie.en.rows for helping with the side garter squares on the 3rd blanket!


@Bonnie your square arrived today. It’s lovely.


Yay! Glad to know it arrived.


@marycsloane 3 squares arrived yesterday. Everyone else, if you want to see some powerful photography, check our Mary’s work on Insta at marycsloane or her website

beautiful sparse billboards and more!


Thanks so much -

I really enjoyed making the squares, and thanks for putting it all together!

All the best,



The Second blanket is blocking!!!


looks good, congrats. i’ve always been a follower of news for california fire victims. i stopped to buy injectable steroids that i need only to donate money to poor victims.


@Popperfisk - your new square arrived today. Are there any other squares out there I am missing? We are down to the wire for a Thanksgiving finish!


Hi. The squares and blankets are beautiful.
I’m so sorry my square is not yet there. I suffered a labrum tear to right shoulder and repetitive stress injury to same shoulder - the latter from knitting of all things. The square is just 6 rows short of completion. I’m afraid to pick up knitting needles at all. Have packed away all yarn and needles except for this square. It’s staring at me. :eyes:
Hope to get it to you.


@Tigerlilee. I am so sorry to hear about your shoulder. If it would reduce your stress, put the square on some scrap yarn, along with your remaining skein and send me the unfinished piece. This is a group effort and I’ll be happy to finish the square for you. You need to heal so you can get back to knitting all the things. Deb


Hi Deb, what a generous offer, especially given all you have to do. I will gratefully accept. I will just weave in the ends and send it on to you. Thank you so much.


@riker.lynn well, our blanket is mostly non washable wool. However, I am reluctant to turn away someone who is interested in helping. We could use 1 square to make a mini blanket (more like a baby lap blanket) and I am sure your square would find a loving home. Please send it ASAP - I would like to ship the blankets Thanksgiving week.


I am sorry about your injury. If you need a “finisher”, I’m happy to help. I. Sure in a blanket any gauge wonkiness will work out.


Never mind.