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Team Blanket No. 5: For California Fire Victims


Hi d2knits! Due to a family emergency I never was able to post my square. With the Thanksgiving deadline in mind, is it still worth sending it across to you? I can pester my partner to post it so it should arrive in time, but I don’t want to add assembly stress to your plate <3


I didn’t realize you wanted squares by Thanksgiving. I’ll not complicate your timeline because I won’t be done by then. Good luck.



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    November 13

I am sorry about your injury. If you need a “finisher”, I’m happy to help. I. Sure in a blanket any gauge wonkiness will work out.

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    November 12

Hi. The squares and blankets are beautiful. I’m so sorry my square is not yet there. I suffered a labrum tear to right shoulder and repetitive stress injury to same shoulder - the latter from knitting of all things. The square is just 6 rows short of completion. I’m afraid to pick up knitting needl…

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Elyse - send it when it is finished. We will make good use of it.


Hi Deb,
I decided to weave in the ends before sending to you to finish. That also hurt my arm and shoulder. Feel so ridiculous. Then a knitting friend came over and finished the square for me so no extra knitting for you. Yay!
I used Plymouth Yarn Galway worsted. I was out of Cascade 220 and my LYS no longer carries because they said they did not like the new twist. Size 6 needles and got gauge to make 11.25" square.



Lily, I cannot wait to see it in my mail box. Please heal quickly!


Just a quick update: The Bloke successfully found my square and posted it last week. Hopefully it’ll make it’s way to you soon!


it arrived in yesterday’s mail. Thank you!


I received a square yesterday from Leopold Silberstein. The downside of our avatar names is I’m not sure who this is…whoever sent it - thank you! It’s lovely.


Ooh that’s from me! Leo is the aforementioned Bloke who I dispatched to send my square :yellow_heart:


The finish line is in sight! I received the last of the squares earlier this week, blanket #3 was finished last night and my goal is to finish blanket #4 this weekend. Photos of blanket #3 will be posted as soon as the sun comes up here in sunny CA!

Ladies, you have amazed me. The love that I feel in each stitch has been so comforting and warm. I know our fire victims will be touched.

A friend of mine was a victim of the San Bruno explosion (gas line exploded, a neighborhood burned). Her house was the last house that did not burn to the ground right on the fire line and they sustained partial damage. She told me that while they were displaced they received so many notes and gifts from people that touched her to no end… The gifts that touched her the most were the hand made blankets. She has packed them away to give to her then 1-year old twins when they move into their own homes.

we do make a difference. Little pebbles make big waves.

love to you all.

ps. if you want to follow me on ravelry or Instagram, I’m at d2knits. I’m probably going to go on a “friend hunt” and start to follow you as well.



I want to Thank YOU Deb for organizing this so worthy effort on behalf of all the many victims of the many Northern California fires. I wish they could all receive a blanket of love💗 Can’t wait to see the finished blankets!! It has been an honor to contribute a square. I’m karynknitsme on Ravelry. Take care


Team Blanket #3…a study in blues and cool colors.


The final blanket!


Ladies, We did it! 4 blankets in total. Such an incredible amount of love in this industrial bread bowl.

I’m going to send two of the blankets to victims of the Carr Fire, as we originally discussion. Then I’d like to send blankets 3 and 4 to victims of the Camp Fire (Butte County). All in California where it seems we have way too many destructive fires these days.

from the bottom of my heart - thank you all! I will post if we get any responses from the counties.

until next year…4_Blankets


Absolutely beautiful, and heartwarming. It’s been an honor to be amongst such love & thoughtfulness!


Thank you for the hard work you put into these blankets! I am proud to be a part of it. :heart:


Ditto, Deb. Thanks for organizing us and piecing the blankets together.


Hi Deb,
I echo others in their thanks to you for organizing. I know it was a lot of work and of wrangling all the volunteer knitters. LOL. These look amazing. I hope my square made it into one of them.
Best of holiday wishes to you and fellow knitters.


@Tigerlilee1706 - your square became part of blanket #3. it was in one of the corners :slight_smile: I hope your shoulder continues to heal.