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Team Blanket No. 5: For California Fire Victims


I would love to knit a square.


This looks great and I’m happy to have final dimensions to work towards. I’m assuming you would like us to block squares before sending? I’ll finish up my test square today and plan to do more to send before the deadline. Have you already given directions for shipping, etc. Not sure I saw it in the thread…

Thanks again for leading this project.



Do you have a row and stitch gauge or how big one of the miters is? It would help me know if I am going to have the right size square early on.


I already have the pattern if it is the one Kay did that is a plus sign. I hope that’s the one as I knitted most of a square yesterday. If it is different then, yes, I need the pattern. Also, where do I send my square(s)?

Lindsey Cleveland


making progress…hope to finish up early this afternoon. Not sure about sizing yet…


That is the pattern!
squares should be sent to Deb Doyle, 10 9th Ave. #401, San Mateo, CA 94401


@3genknit the mitres are 4" X 4" . my blocked square turned out to be the same size as the unblocked square (gotta love Cascade 220 for that)


@VieRadek, I used size 7 needles to get my gauge, I am a loose knitter so typically go down a size on needles from any pattern. the finished size should be 11.25 X 11.25. (with the miters 4X4)


@Tigerlilee1706 - just in case I forgot to answer your questions. email me at if you don’t have the pattern yet. my gauge was really close to the pattern 19 stitches/4" X 36 rows to 4" (a miter is 4X4). If the finished square is close to 11.25X11.25 you can make it whatever gauge you want.


@Map2820 - if you don’t have the pattern yet, email me at and I’ll send it to you.


Thanks d2knits—-I got the pattern. Will start knitting the square soon


Thank you so much!


Looks beautiful!


I played with colors in the stash over the weekend.


I am happy to knit a square if you are still in need.


Your colors are so much fun!


With my miters at 4" x4" , my final block size will definitely be 13.5" x13. 5" as listed on the pattern. Do you want me to reduce the number of garter ridges around the outside to reduce the square to your 11.25" x 11.25" ? Or did I knit the wrong pattern entirely?


@VieRadek - I offer two suggestions - either reknit the miters on a smaller size needle to get the squares closer to 3.75 square OR reduce the # of garter ridges around the outside to get to 11.25 square. Either way, I am sure it will be beautiful.


Pls let me know how many garter ridges you end up doing on the log cabin strips so I can achieve an 11.25 x 11.25 square also. As my blocks are also 4x4! Thx, Karyn


@kcknits & @VieRadek it would be wonderful if you guys could knit to the same specs. Then your squares would live next to each other and match.

For everyone else who is working on squares - if you keep your miters closer to 3.75 Square, you’ll be a lot closer to the finished size of 11.25 square.