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Team Blanket No. 5: For California Fire Victims


Getting ready to block my squares and send them along. I’m addicted to this pattern! I will happily make more if needed.


love these! I am also addicted to the pattern :). Lets see how many squares show up on my doorstep over the next several weeks. If we are short some squares for another blanket, I will ask for your talents.


Beautiful! Your squares are a real inspiration.


Thanks…it’s been so much fun knitting them, and all the better because they are going to a good cause.


WOW!!! Your blocks look amazing😍
You are a professional mitered cross maker :wink:


Hello Team 5! Popping over from Team 2 to say hello and share a link that one of our knitters found.

Lot’s of good information if you’re new to this!




Beautiful work!


This was great fun! Will block and send soon.


@gardner320, Cassie I love the colors in the cross. What yarn/color did you use?


Stash buster: Ella Rae “Seasons”, color 31
Background: Cascade 220
It would make a lovely afghan on its own as the reds, pinks, and purples shift so beautifully.


Very well done! Are you in VT?
I am in South Burlington!


Beautiful block!!! I love the dimension that the variegated yarn gives the cross. And, yes! I’m between Jericho Center and Richmond.


I blocked the squares this weekend and will mail them by the end of the week – I be sending 5, if you’re tallying.

Thanks so much for leading this project!



@tinacvt - cannot wait to see your squares. This will be enough to start the first blanket.


the first of the squares arrived this weekend from Penn Valley CA. it’s beautiful and matches the first squares so well. We are more than half way to the first blanket.


Those look great😍 Thank you for sharing Deb. Can’t wait to see them all put together in a blanket!!


Squares to be mailed out tomorrow!

These are Paton’s wool.


Beautiful job!


Oooo, luv these😉 I’ve got 1 skein Patons Wool, gotta get over to Michael’s for another. Thinking of going with their green heather for the cross.


What was your size after blocking?