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Team Blanket No. 5: For California Fire Victims


Have a safe flight and I hope you are careful when you arrive to your final destination. Happy Knitting!


Thx so much @jangrimmer👍
I look forward to seeing your new square in Cascade 220!!
Take care,


Love your colors!


Thank you Tina! I checked out your blog. Really neat that you and your niece are doing it together. Love your page layout – very neat and clean and easy to read.


first blanket laid out…headed to VK Live where I’ll pick up some Cascade 220 to begin the finishing. Thanks to everyone who sent squares so far…we are at 1.5 blankets so far!


They’re all so beautiful. I’ve been swamped and away from the forums for a while. I’m inspired seeing all the wonderful squares!!!


Fourth miter begun! My yarns are Cascade 220 (purple) and Valley Yarns Northampton (teal).


Is it too late to sign up? I did a block for Team 2 and I’d like to do one for Team 5. I’m on miter 3 for the new block so it should be done and in the mail by October 1.


@noreenoc Happy to have you join. I am excited about how many squares we are generating.


@Bonnie what pretty colors.


Hello! I’ve just finished your two squares for Team 2, I’d love to make another for this team if you still need knitters :blush:
Also, as a fellow Bay Area knitter I’d be delighted to help out if you need assistance assembling the squares!


@elselynn - I am happy to have more squares (I’m not really sure how many squares are coming my way at this point). Right now we have 1.75 blankets.

And I would love to take you up on the offer to help with assembly. @ma.vie.en.rows has also offered to help with assembly. I’ll organize a get together the weekend of October 13th and we can share squares and do some community assembling. Where are you in the Bay Area? I’m in San Mateo and Julie is in Oakland.


Wonderful! It’ll be an assembling party :smile: I’m in Sunnyvale, roughly in the middle (unless my american geography is worse than I thought)


I’m sending two, no later than October 8.


Post a pic of your block in Cascade 220!!!


This is it.


Oooo pretty colors! Looks great👍


Coming your way tomorrow. I do wish I could help with assembly! Thanks for taking this project-of-love on. xo


Two squares headed your way.


lucky me @3genknit