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Team Blanket No. 5: For California Fire Victims


A square going in the mail today to arrive in CA on Saturday. Glad to see other shades of purple in blocks!
Mine came closer to 11.5 x 11.5 inches after blocking–hope that will be ok.


love it! I like the purple too. sizing is just fine. I can make it work.


All the squares are so pretty. Can’t wait to see them all together. I mailed mine a few days back.


Mailed mine about ten days ago. Can’t wait to see…
Hope you’ll have time to confirm that you’ve received the little gems. :heart:


It arrived safe and sound. I’ll post pictures of the almost complete first blanket and the new squares that arrive so everyone can stay up to date.


@marthabilski your squares arrived. yesterday I got a square from Sandra Berglund. I apologize for not acknowledging when I get new squares. It must be frustrating for all of you. Pictures this weekend!


Yay!! Can’t wait to see pics😁 I’m still working on mine, hope to get it done soon


You are just a machine, Nell!!! :grinning:


@noreenoc - the square is here! It made me smile to see your Media mailing address. I grew up about 30 minutes away in Dresher.


Ladies - the first blanket is off the needles with just the center join before icord edging. The size without the icord edging is 42X34. This seems a little small to me - ore like a lap blanket than a blanket blanket. Should we add another row of squares?

some advice - I went up a size for the 3-needle bind off join, but the squares still look a little squishy to me. Should I go up another size for the next blanket (I can test that on the final join) . I could also add some extra rows of knitting between the squares before the 3 needle bind off. What do you think?


If you have not yet sent your squares, will you let me know how many you are sending and when you expect to ship.

I’d like to get a sense of our total inventory. Right now, we have 15 unused squares.


Mine is (still) out there somewhere…


@nellknits - let me check my floor :slight_smile: I think I remember seeing it and enjoying the pop of red. when did you send it?


Just last week. It’ll be there soon. xo


Looking very good!! I would add another row, especially because you have extra squares.


Hi Deb. I still need to finish mine (log cabin boarders). I got side tracked with Merry Making😁 I’m as easily distracted as a 2 year old!! hehehe
I will have it in the mail to you by next Mon., 10/15/18


I’m ready to send mine today! (old progress pic, lol, it really is finished and blocked and ends woven in and everything!!) :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


@nellknits - square arrived today


I will send one square by October 31. The first blanket looks beautiful!


Hooray! Thanks for letting me know. xo