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Team Blanket No. 6: For Pittsburgh


Please count me in!
Can we use a washable worsted weight acrylic yarn?


Please count me in for two squares. Thank you for leading this project


Please use wool superwash for this project—not acrylic. Thanks


Thanks so much for taking the lead here. Please sign me up! I already have the pattern. As a Jew, I also appreciate the sensitivity of those who recognized that the cross is problematic. Question: since we are doing single colored squares, would it be ok to do a design, specifically a Star of David, in the square, keeping all one color? I have a pattern for one that I am hunting down; it’s pretty easy as I recall.
Thanks, Mary C


Sure. That’s a lovely idea


I would like to contribute a square or two. I have the pattern. Blue mitered squares with white/cream boarder. Due by 12/15 or before.

Thanks for organizing this. It is an honor to participate.


Hi Mary,
When you locate that pattern would you please post a link?
Thanks so much! Nell


Will do! Thanks.


Hi all. Just wondering what colors and what yarn to use.


Hi Lynn, I just got it wrong. You do have to start with a new yarn on each quadrant. I was overexcited!


Hi Nell and All, Here is what I found on Ravelry for both Star of David Patterns and Tree of Life Patterns that would work in a single-color, on DK/Worsted yarn:

  1. Star of David Dishcloth pattern by Emily Jagos ( Here square size comes out to 9X9 inches, but by adding a larger border and perhaps an internal border around the Star, it could easily grow to the size we need. This pattern is on Ravelry.
  2. If anyone would like to knit up a Tree of Life square, There is a free pattern on line at This is also a one color pattern, which requires some cabling. It is an afghan square, but the dimensions are not listed for the final, blocked square, but looks like it would be pretty easy to make it to size.

I’ll look for more, but these are two pretty accessible patterns.


I’m using a machine washable wool blend. Will it do?


Yarn requirements described in my first post above

Blue centers and lights neutral borders
Superwash worsted weight wool
Webs house brand valley yarn superwash is great value and lovely to knit with. Lots of colors to choose from. Little knots frequently has good prices on cascade 220 superwash as well


What is percentage of wool?


Sorry, count me out.


Sorry for the typo. I meant to write Little Knits
Not Little knots


Count me in. I have the pattern from Group 3. Heading for my LYS tomorrow to get some Cascade 220.


My local LYS’s don’t carry Cascade 220 in superwash and I was ready to get started, so I settled on some yummy hand-dyed dream Classy ( in ‘A Little Night Music’ (blue) and ‘Crying Dove’ (cream). I :heart: the blue color. Should be done knitting my square tonight!


Count me in - yarn has been ordered from Webs. Thank you @tsasanow for coordinating this :slight_smile:


Swatches are now in the dryer. But I have a Garter Stitch Question (not specific to this pattern). When counting ridges, do I start with the cast on edge, or with the first ridge that isn’t the cast on? And which side should I be counting on? And how do you know which side is the right side and which is the wrong side? If I’m going to be a Real Garter Stitch Knitter, I need to know these things.