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Team Blanket No. 6: For Pittsburgh


Thanks, I was going to do a solid blue on the inside, but decided to add another color after reading through other comments in the thread. So glad I did!


Good Morning. All I needed was a good night’s sleep. I’m on my way. Finished the second miter.


Congratulations. Glad it worked out


I’d like to participate in making this blanket.


Really beautiful. Love the color choices


Please send me your email address so that I can send you the pattern


Sure - it’s


I always feel like if I have to cut the yarn, I should get to change colors. Really love this soothing, cool combination of colors.


Thanks! I’d hoped to get two done and blocked this weekend, so I could mail them out – but things got a bit hectic and I’m still working on the second square!


I’d love to contribute a square or two if you are still accepting people! Hoping to bang them out this Thanksgiving weekend.


That would be great. Love to add you to the team


Awesome! I don’t have the pattern yet - can you email it to me?


pattern on its way to you.


We in Calif are also using Plymouth acrylic/wool combo for our team Afghan and are quite happy with how it is knitting up! Are you double stranding? We have made 4 in one pattern and are ready for a new pattern. How long does it take you to knit :yarn: one square??? Are you knitting in strips or sticking to squares?


Would love to knit a square for you. Have already done one for Team 2. If I understand the postings above, we are using the same pattern, but with solid blue inner squares and a white or neutral outer frame. Square should be 11.2". Please confirm.




You are correct. Please use worsted weight superwash wool. The deadline is 12/15

Welcome to the team




Here’s my square — ready for the soak. Will be there by the end of the week.

Please do not enlarge photo too much — I’m afraid you will find dog hair on the rug! :roll_eyes:


Hi, Terri - will be mailing soon. Photo coming. Would you send your address to please? Thanks for your leadership. S.


Great mitered square👍 and dog hair on the rug is better than cat hair on your knitting!! Lol


Looks great!