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Team Blanket No. 6: For Pittsburgh


This dude is ready to be mailed! Will you send the address to ?


Wow, so beautiful and clever!


this is gorgeous! address for mailing being sent via email.


Awesome! Planning to get it in the mail tomorrow!


First squares arrived today from Karen in Setauket and they’re beautiful!


Just coincidentally checked in here on the group progress. Here’s my pic of the two I sent…IMG_7562


Arrived today. Thanks for your lovely contribution


Thanks for letting me know.


One square headed south via USPS from Albany today (the mailperson said it should be there Wednesday). :slight_smile:


Mine is done and waiting for the next time I do laundry so I can machine wash it and then block it dry.


Two beautiful squares along with a lovely note arrived today from Mary in Westchester IL. Thanks Mary


Hope this reads like a heart! Anyway, knitted and sent with love. Should be dry in the morning.


Very cool!


Two more beautiful squares arrived today from Lisa in Loudonville NY and Kay in NYC

Thank you ladies

Just waiting for navy blue border yarn to arrive and then will start to make up the blankets


Finishing up my square. Please send mailing address.


Sorry, hope I’m not too late – I ended up with Walking Pneumonia, so have been recuperating. I have 2 squares complete that will be ready to ship by next Monday, after their bath! Could you please send mailing address to:



Susan from Minnesota’s beautiful square arrived yesterday

Thank you!


Five (count them 5!) squares just arrived from Sholeen in NH



I’ve started another one but I’d like to get this one in the mail to you. Please send address to Looking forward to seeing how they all go together.


Here’s my square. Going in the mail tomorrow.