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Team Blanket No. 6: For Pittsburgh


That’s really beautiful. Just emailed you my address



Thanks so much


Square drying on blocking board. Will mail tomorrow. Please send address to


Mailed one off a few days ago; you should get it soon. Didn’t think to take a photo, but maybe you can do that.


Rec’d two more beautiful squares today from Susan in Hawaii (Aloha!) and Judy in Oregon.

I have laid out the squares for the first blanket

. You can see the navy border yarn in the corner. I think it’s going to be fabulous.

I know there are more squares in the mail. Will keep you posted as they arrive

Thanks all


Michele from Illinois’ 2 lovely squares arrived today


Mine is ready to go! Please send the address to


Ahh!!! Time flies when you’re knitting blanket squares. Mine is moments from being done. Can you email me the address?



Pennie’s beautiful square arrived today


Two more beautiful squares arrived today from Michele in Florida. Almost have enough for a second blanket


Mine should arrive today - it was mailed on Wednesday from NJ.



Looking forward to receiving it.

Also got 3 more squares yesterday from Shar (NJ), Tina (VT), and Lisa (Pittsburgh)

Thanks to all

I know Christmas is fast approaching but anyone in the NYC area who would like to come to my house next week or the week after to help sew up please let me know. I will have wine and snacks :slightly_smiling_face:


Tracking number says it will be there today.


It came today. Thanks so much


I have completed two blankets. The first one is washed and blocking. The second will be washed and blocked in the next day or two. Pictures of completed blankets to follow.


That is incredible! Looking forward to the pictures! Thank you for all the work of organizing / making up / washing / distributing!! You really made this thing happen!!


Thank you!


Can’t wait to see the pictures! can you use more squares? I started another one but abandoned it during the holidays.


Here is the first blanket ready to mail out

I have 3 squares left over so would need 7!more to complete another blanket. Please let me know if you are interested


Oh wow!!! That’s such a beautiful sight! Really wonderful!! Congratulations to all.