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Team Blanket No. 6: For Pittsburgh


Blanket number 2

Thanks to all who participated


They’re both gorgeous - thank you so much again for coordinating it all (and sewing up!).


It was my pleasure. Glad you like them.


Breathtaking! I can feel the love in every stitch through the computer, so I know the recipients will feel it too. :heart::heart_eyes:


I see my square! Beautiful blanket. Good job everyone!


Dear Team Members: I mailed our completed blankets to Yarn by Design in Oakmont PA. They will be passing our blankets on to the Tree of Life Synagogue in Pittsburgh. They have their own blanket making campaign and an active thread about the project on their Ravelry group page. I posted pictures of our two completed blankets on that thread, and here is the moderator’s reply:

WOW! These are incredible! I cannot wait to see them! Thank you, ladies!


Thank you so much for organizing this and giving us the opportunity to participate.



The blankets are beautiful! I’m so pleased I had the opportunity to participate, even in a small way. Thank you for coordinating the effort and for your work putting them together.


There’s a story in today’s newspaper regarding the Yarns By Design project. Check it out at


Awesome article Lisa, thank you for sharing it. They’ve had an amazing response from around the world! Making something from fiber is indeed therapeutic:)


Story today at regarding the 60 finished blankets for Tree of Life from Yarns By Design project. So awesome.