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Team Blanket No. 7: For Parents Surviving a Terrible Loss


Thanks Nancy! You are our lucky 20th person. :slight_smile:


Hi all,

I hope that your blanket-square making is going well. We’re all hunkered down “enjoying” the second big winter storm to hit us in the last 36 hours. Luckily, our blanket-yarn-buying expedition happened before the snow arrived!

Now I’m knitting away on my square, listening to the wind howl and trying to find some enthusiasm to go shovel the driveway. Just one more row…


Yay!! Thank you. Started the square this evening.


I have two squares complete & ready to ship off. Just need to know where to send.




Love This!


Hi Bonnie, you’re organizing the trade with @kjt1211, right? That’s awesome that you finished so fast! I’ll leave it to you two to organize mailing details.


Yes. Thank you @Austen_G


@bonniejacobs They are gorgeous!!! @Austen_G I am almost ready to ship to you! Almost but not quite. They’ll be there soon. Email me at and we can work out the details. Xo


Thanks Karen… email sent


Ok lovely people, what do you think? I was running short on yarn so I experimented with using 3 colours. How do you feel about the combination? I can also go and get some more Lambs Pride and reknit the brown, I’m more than happy reknitting this if you don’t like the result Austen! (Apologies for the bus lighting)


Squares are on their way to you, Karen. :hugs:



It looks like a piece of modern art, @elselynn … like something you’d find in the MOMA.


It’s so interesting @elselynn! It reminds me of an improv quilt – I bet you could have a lot of fun making a blanket that was all sorts of variations on the pattern.

For this blanket, though, I’d prefer to keep it to the two-colour scheme, just to try to keep it as uniform as possible. I know that’s not an inconsequential amount of reknitting – feel free to take a few extra days beyond Wednesday!


Hey Austen, of course! That’s why I wanted to check before sending it off. Definitely no problem to reknit, I’m trying to find somewhere with it in stock at the moment :blush:


Hi everyone! I hope that your knitting is going well. I’ve been doing a lot of re-knitting – can we blame the time change for the fact that I’m on attempt #3 at this border piece?

All that to say that today was the original deadline, but let’s give ourselves an extension. If you can pop your squares in the mail by this Saturday, March 16, that would be amazing.

Just email me (abgilliland AT gmail DOT com) when you’re ready for my address.

Thanks again so much for your help with this project. I can’t wait to see your beautiful squares!


Managed to finish my square last night, and will be dropping it off to @Austen_G after work today. No promises that it will be completely dry by then :slight_smile:

I’ve also got Rosie’s swatch for drop off.

Thank you for organizing this project Austen.



It’s beautiful! Love the car blocking :smile:


Finishing my square tonight–will send it along tomorrow. xoxoxo


Love the car blocking technique… beautiful square.


Hi! I’m done! Austen, would you please send me your address?
Thank you :heart:
~ Annri