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Team Blanket No. 7: For Parents Surviving a Terrible Loss


Great stuff, Annri! I DMed you on Instagram.



Good morning everyone! Just popping my head in for a quick blanket update.

The blanket squares are starting to pile up at my house and they look lovely! Thanks to @Rosvall, Rosie and Louise for the early contributions. There are another two awaiting pickup on the other side of the harbour (thanks Gillian and Helen!). I’m expecting the mailbag to start bringing me presents any day now, as Deb, Patti, Ann, Nell, Karen, Bonnie and Annri have told me their squares are on the way. (I hope I haven’t left anyone out – please let me know if I have! And if you’ve got an update for me, I’d love to know how your square is coming along!)

I can’t wait to see the squares all together – I’m tentatively planning a sewing together date for the end of the month. Thank you all for your hard work!



It took a ridiculously long time to dry, but my blocked square is on its way! The square is a bit lighter than this photo overall. The brown border wasn’t my first pick, but all the local stores were out of Lamb’s Pride! I did some careful weighing as I reknit this and worked out that I had JUST enough pink for the center and enough brown for the border. Phew!



Yay!! A yarn chicken win😁



My square is done past the deadline. If you still need it, please send me your mailing address. My apology for the late submission. I didn’t manage my time wisely.

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It looks great, @elselynn! I love that pink – so vibrant! (Mine took forever to dry, too…that fabric is dense) Can’t wait for it to hit my mailbox! Thanks again. :slight_smile:



Hi @jbass – no worries! I got your email & will reply with my address. Can’t wait to see your square!

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Finished and going out in the mail tomorrow from the great State of Texas. Thank you for organizing this group, Austen.



Wow! The mailman just delivered a bumper crop of blocks and I’m sitting here smiling and a little teary-eyed at the awesomeness of knitters. @elselynn @Jodiutter @kjt1211 and @jonnem , your blocks arrived today and they are fantastic! This brings us to 13 in hand, and I know there several more on the way. Thank you so much.



My square and Bonnie’s square are en route from Yonkers. Apparently, I could walk to Nova Scotia faster than the mail!!!



And then I noticed that you had already received them! Glad they got there safe and sound.



Hi everyone – would you look at that amazing stack of blanket squares?! I’ve got 14 of 20 right now, with more in the mail as I write. They’re all beautiful – you’ve made some really great colour choices! – and I’m having fun imagining how they’ll come together.

Thanks to everyone who has already sent me a square and I can’t wait to see the rest of them!



Ours will fit in perfectly - and should arrive any minute. xo



Beautiful stack up! Austen, did the square I knit make it yet??
Thank you again & again!
Best ~ Annri



Hope mine gets there soon!

Really wish I could help sew this blanket together with you.



We’re up to 16! @woolnest, yours is safe in hand, and @nellknits, your two arrived just a few minutes ago. @ann1 I’m sure yours will be here soon…(and we’d love your help with the sewing up, just let me know when your flight arrives! :wink:



Thanks, Austen!
Wouldn’t it be fun to get together to sew up the blanket??



Love the colors! Is anyone looking for more squares right now?



Good morning all! Just a quick update: @Ann1 and @jbass, your squares arrived this morning. Thanks so much!

The sewing up party is this weekend, and I can’t wait to see this blanket all together. :slight_smile:

@webb.ann.b thanks for asking. We’ve got enough squares, but I’m sure another blanket project will come along soon that would love your help!