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Technique Number 1: Helical Stripes


We begin with a cool new way to make stripes. So simple, and so clever.

Here’s where you can watch Jen’s tutorial for the first month’s technique, helical stripes.

How’s it going for you?

helical.0: adj., “spiral-shaped,” 1590s, from Latin helicem (see helix ) + -al (1). (Online Etymology Dictionary)


Just ordered the ebook. This should be interesting. I have THREE different Zauberballs in my stash and not a plan in sight.


I am so excited. I feel like it is Christmas Eve!


I’ve wound my Zauberball into two, ready to cast on my armwarmers, but now that Kay has mentioned the Honey Cowl again, I’m very tempted to see if I have any yarn for it… I might have to go and dive into the stash! If I don’t return, send Jim to look for me. :smiley:


You needed this, obviously!


I’m tossing the stash for a Honey Cowl as we speak, Jen. Knitty City doesn’t open for HOURS. :weary:


Got my Zauberball divided and now I’m combing through my needle stash to look for the right size…:eyes:


I find it weirdly compelling to wind my Zauberball into two balls. WHAT IS THE CORRECT PLACE TO STOP WINDING? The destiny of my Hyacinthus Armwarmers hangs in the balance! So much depends on where I start this thing. Going for a basically solid cuff, then max contrast for the stripes.


The correct place is anywhere you like. :smiley: (Totally unhelpful reply there…)
I found that one section of yarn from the Zauberball was about right for the cuff so that might help you to guess how the colours will work out. And there’s nothing to stop you from breaking the yarn after the rib and winding it on a bit before starting the stripes… You’re the boss of your knitting. :sunglasses:


I am really glad for the video! It LOOKS easy, then I start to think about WHY it works and confuse myself completely. I tell myself…To the needles and just DO it! Knitting excitement!


I’m confused about ordering. If I buy book plus ebook do I get charged again when th book ships? It looks like both options cost the same.


This is exactly what you need to do. Don’t think about it - it’s mind boggling. But if you just do it, it’s honestly that simple. :slight_smile: I hope you have heaps of fun with all the techniques!


Hi Farmmom51!
The ebook is £19.99, and the print+ebook is £19.99 plus shipping. If you’re based in the States, then shipping for the print book is £7.50. You pay it all now, and we will send you the full book in September if you chose the print option. I do hope that helps!
Many thanks for your interest.


Ok. Thanks. That helps.


Maybe it’s the Vietnamese coffee I had this morning, but I’m light-headed with excitement at trying this technique! I actually have two (TWO!) Zauberballs in my stash, so it is clearly Meant To Be.

I had just a clarifying question for using DPNs instead of two circs or Magic Loop. The idea is to use 4 DPNs and change colors at a needle change, correct? Or, to put it another way, each stripe color is knit on only three of the four DPNs for each row? The fate of my armwarmers hangs in the balance!


Yes that’s exactly it. Just drop the yarn you’re using (say it’s yarn A) when you reach the needle that has the other yarn (yarn B) attached. Then just pick up yarn B and work round until you reach the needle where you left yarn A. Never start knitting along a needle that already has yarn hanging from the end, and you’ll be peachy! :smiley:


Well… I found some 9" circs in the right size and got the ribbing finished. Thought I knew what I was doing (no I did not) - I was switching yarns 3 stitches before the BOR marker. I noticed I was getting a small bump and went back and watched the video once more. So…does the changing of the yarn always occur 3 stitches before and including the other yarn? Or, do you slip three stitches before and then pick up the other yarn and knit. I’m totally confused ( I blame my entire problem with following directions on being left-handed :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:). I need some kind of excuse - hehe.


I think I got it…I hope I got it :grimacing: Hard to get a picture on my teeny tiny needles but this is mine so far. Quite ‘autumn’ looking colorway


I think, from photograph below, that you’ve got it. Make sure you ignore the start of round marker - it’s only there to help you to place the thumb shaping. So long as you keep on working until there are 3 sts of the colour remaining, then slip them and change yarns, you’ll be fine.


Sorry I am too literal sometimes, but for me using a striped yarn to learn a new striping technique is confusing. But that said, I will persevere.