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Technique Number 1: Helical Stripes


I was curious to see what a Crazy Zauberball would do. I like the marled thing going on–makes me want to cast on my Crazy Zauberball.


I tried a little sampler to get going and used higher contrast yarns and fewer stitches. I figured my tween can always use another wristlet/arm thingie, and this way I get into the groove of the technique before I get Zauberball-y.


I don’t know, Ann…I was just thinking how much I hate my Zauberball ( I didn’t know there was a difference) but mine sure is crazy. The two balls look so much the same my eyes are crossing :scream:


This is so bad. I have absolutely no business getting involved in this but I’m going to do it anyway! I’m kidding myself that I’m being a responsible knitter because I can’t start until a week from today but the reality is, I’m like Keith Richards wandering around Walgreen’s going “Ooh I want to try that!!” at every turn.

A question. The zauberball has 459 yards and the yarn I plan to use only has 437. Do you think that’s enough?


Yes, that’s definitely enough. :slight_smile: You can just about squeeze 2 pairs from one Zauberball, so you’ll be absolutely grand.


Hi barbyte! It is definitely a bit harder to see with the Crazy Zauberball, as each strand of yarn has the two colours in it (whereas the standard Zauberball is just one ply). This means that you often get less contrast as there’s more chance of the plies being the same colour as each other. Does that make sense? If you’re finding it too frustrating perhaps you could use the Crazy Zauberball with a solid colour yarn? You can get great effects doing that.
I hope you’re enjoying the spirals!


Hi there! I definitely wouldn’t try helical stripes with a yarn with short colour repeats as you won’t see the helical stripes. But the long, gradual colour changes of the Zauberball do add a bit of extra interest that I enjoy. It’s absolutely your knitting though, so if you’d rather work with two shades of solid coloured yarn, then definitely go for it! :slight_smile:


Hi All Helicals! I’ve wound my Zauberball-there’s not so much contrasty color as some I’ve seen but oh well… Needle size? I can’t wait for the stripiness to start!


You’ll have plenty of yarn–the armwarmers use quite a bit less than a full


Oh, I am so happy to hear that. I am winding my ball in two by hand and while traveling, so no scale at hand! I am eyeballing, and glad to know that I don’t have to worry very much about even division.


Hello everyone. Happy to be joining in. I have a very silly question – where do I find the demo video? I’ve read through the instructions, but I think seeing the technique might help (and it gives me something to do while I’m waiting for my yarn to arrive).


Never mind. I’ve found it. Wow this really is as easy as the instructions made it sound. I was sure I was missing something. The way Jen worked the helix with the dpns kind of blew my mind. Not even any slipping of stitches. Now, I’m really itching to get my yarn so I can play.


I plan on getting my feet wet with your suggestion and then move on to the Z ball. Thank you!


I appreciate your take on the Z ball. I have always admired them but never knitted with one. Good to know that the stripes are gradual. Going to go for it🤓


Hi Jen, Thanks for letting me know that this yarn would indeed be more difficult to see the striping. It seems as if it is knitting up a little bigger too?
I just ordered a new Zauberball from MDK - I really want to experience the striping so the technique becomes ingrained in my brain. Not so much fun to show it off when the striping is so convoluted :weary:

Another question: What are the limitations with this technique. Does it only work when you are alternating yarns on every stripe? Can it work with any yarn? And could you use it in a garment? Just wondering.

This is very cool!:+1:t2:


I don’t have time for this! I haven’t even finished the 2nd sleeve of my Hadley and I need to get a hat made in the next week - but I do have one unlabeled Zauberball in my stash… But not tonight - I’ve got a meeting tonight, which is actually a good thing, because it means I can work on the 2nd sleeve tonight (I’m at the boring “knit straight” part).


I haven’t got my yarn kit yet but my fingers are itching! I’m thinking of doing a hat or socks instead, though, since I’m not much of wristwarmer-wearer.


I just read about this and signed up for the book and sent off for a couple of zauenrballs. I just got back from stitches west and funny thing I was looking for them there and couldn’t find any! I can’t wait


I’m thinking of trying the technique in a baby hat with worsted to get used to it. Off to look for some cute contrasting colors.


Not silly at all! I just added a link at the top of this thread, in my first post, that will take you to Jen’s video tutorial of helical stripes. Hope you enjoy it!