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Technique Number 1: Helical Stripes


got my zauberball on friday, and wound it up. currently searching for needles. sooper dooper excited. this is my first z-ball, and dang. it’s fabulous. these helical stripes look equally so.


So I am looking to get started today. However, and you should sense a theme if you saw my Hadley, I am going rogue. As much as I would love to go and get a zauberball I made a promise to get through my stash this year. So I used the handy dandy and found I do have a similar yarn in my stash with the knitpicks chroma. (Inside I am cheering that I actually have found a project for one of those single skein sock weight yarns I purchased that is not socks,)
Super excited to see the results!


Oh! I have a couple of those lying around. Great idea!


Excellent–can’t wait to see what happens with Chroma.


I think Chroma is a great sub for the Zauberball. There’s a project on Ravelry already with a photo that’s using it. You can see it on this search: And it looks like it’s going really well already. :slight_smile: Happy striping!


I fell hard for the Zauberball and just wound mine into two balls tonight. Winding via winder is not as easy as I expected. Ball on the winder popped off, flew across the room and the tangles! Yowza!


I went with the patented Ann Shayne ™ method of dividing the yarn ball equally – my husband was all, “What on earth are you doing with that hanger?”

I love watching how the stripes stack up. I’m using dpns, and I kept thinking the technique wasn’t going to work, that it didn’t make sense, and then poof it totally works!


Is there any reason not to knit from both ends of the Zauberball rather than dividing it into two separate balls (other than the tangling)?


Welp. I do not have any Zauberball nor do I have the mitt pattern. However, I do want to try helical stripes, so yesterday I cast on a pair of socks using a solid white color and a rainbow sock yarn. I’ll see how this goes!


It’s quite hard to get at the centre of a Zauberball in order to work from both ends, so that’s really the main reason I suggested winding into two balls. :slight_smile: If you’re happy to dig in and find it then absolutely go for it! :smiley:


Oh dear! :frowning: Hope you managed to untangle yourself! Or do we need to send in reinforcements to help to cut you out of the nest of Zauberball? :smiley: :smiley:


A challenge! Thanks for the answer. I’ll post what I do, in case it’s of
interest to anyone else.



Oh gosh…the Ann Shayne method is perfect! I need to see that again. Searched the Letters and How To sections but no luck. Can someone point me to that post?


I found it! In the Breton Cowl Letter 11/17/2016 (also on You Tube). Silly i know, but I could not remember what she used to attach the balls of yarn. Thank you Ann for this :slight_smile:


I have a striped sock on the needles that just converted to helical stripes. I like them and intend to use them often. Thanks for the tech video.
Julie in San Diego


That’s great! It’s so fun to learn something new that is immediately helpful. :slight_smile:


Having a perpetual request for socks from a loved one who has an impending birthday, I ordered some Zauberball and those speedy MDK elves whisked it off to me! I have cast on a sock and have fallen hopelessly in love with helical stripes!

Sock knitting forges ahead and helical stripe love grows.

Oh… and the loved one thinks this will benefit him greatly!

Little does he know that helical mitts for me will be cast on next!


I happened to have a hanger with notches for shoulder straps, so I just looped a bit of yarn over each end.


Brilliant…thank you!


I am lost on the technique using dpns…so only half of my hand warmer is knitting…in spite of the tutorial…what am I missing here?