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Technique Number 1: Helical Stripes


You can knit single rows of each color on a flat sweater by using circular needles. When the yarn you want next is at the other end of the fabric, move the fabric to the other end of the needle. You’ve done this already if you did the Nesting Scarf!


Maybe just music? I can see myself doing the same thing…


Oh, whoa is me! I can’t figure out how to get to my iCloud Drive to download the pattern. So, I’m going to just pick out a plain hand warmer pattern and go with that! My Hannah Fettig sweater may have to languish but I won’t be able to wear it until fall anyway…


WOWSERS! this is like magic. i love how it just scoots along, and without any tangling, or building angst about having a lot of ends to weave in. completely awesome.


I’m totally enthralled with this technique and Zauerballs. Cannot tear myself away. I am using two sock rockets and it is very easy to do that way. I did end up with the B yarn hanging right in the middle of the thumb section when it was time to slip that to waste yarn. Going to take a deep breath and try Jen’s fix for that.


Thanks for that encouragement @rabrevitz ! I’m definitely going to try it. I’ve never done afterthought heels either, so lots of new learning going on here :nerd_face: I would love to see pics and hear about your experience if you make those socks!


I’m a slow knitter, and with two projects already on the go, I was hesitant to start another. But one of the things I love about knitting is that I am constantly learning new things, so I took the plunge. I had knit picks wooden circulars in size 1 and some chroma in my stash, so I went with those.
I’m enjoying this project so much. It’s fun to see the colors slowly shifting.


You could pop on a removable marker to remind you to stop… I am addicted to the coilless safety pin, I use it to mark everything.


I’ve been bringing the “off” yarn forward and letting it hang down the front. I still overrun the three slipped stitches sometimes, but I notice when I run into that bit of yarn.


I did a pony tail hat for my daughter. No pattern- just cast on 80 stitches and knit the ribbing solid before I began the stripes. She liked it.

I decreased at the top, leaving a pretty big hole for the pony tail, and then added an inch of ribbing and it was done. Now I am casting on for another. Just two colors, fo her husband.
I did use more than two colors and it is a bit jog-gy. but I like the results. the next one is just two colors.
I found a few 9ahem0 zauerballz in my stash, otherwise known as my house, and may try the mits next, Although we will be digging out from a few feet of snow soon so I may need mittens instead.
cheers all!


Thank-you! Back on track.


So I’ve received my Zauberballs - I got 3 - this is the first time I’ll be using this yarn. I am tempted to make socks from at least one of them. I’ve caked up the 3 colors and I’m torn. It just looks like I’ll be hitting the same colors a lot of the time.

Do I wind off half of the yarn til I find a color change and start from there? I don’t know why I’m so hesitant to start, I think I’m afraid of wasting the yarn, but I hear the sheep are growing more…


How did you manage the deceases when they ran into the “slip 3” I have cast 80 and knit a helical striped hat for son2. Can’t figure out the decreases and he definitely doesn’t want a pony tail hat (although yours is great!)


Here is a link for a hat.
It is a hat template you can use for plain or stranded. Hope this helps.


When I did the helical stripes in the origami hat, I only ran into a decrease and slip three collision once. and I did the decrease and then slipped it. I ==== does that answer your question?


Yes it does - thanks for the link!


Perfect description to call it a collision!


If you need any help getting to your pattern, please do drop me an email or use the contact us form on our website:

Many people find getting to the patterns easier through Ravelry, than from the zip files from our shop. You’ll find the View Order button on your confirmation email, and clicking on that and following the instructions will add A Year of Techniques to your Ravelry library.

I do hope that helps! Jen


That looks great!! I love it. :slight_smile:


Thank your u so much, Jen! I now have the pattern and have one of my two yarns already wound. Don’t have the zaiberball so am using two lace weight yarns from my stash, one turquoise and one grey! Won’t b as pretty as the zauberball but will teach me the method! Will probably use two circs.

Thanks! Peppermint.Pati!