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Technique Number 1: Helical Stripes


I heard the same thing …about the sheep growing more!


Thanks for posting the link! Love having a template for color stranded pieces like a hat. Knit on! :grinning:


last one! this one is Origami Top hat my Versaciknits. a fun pattern. I can now say I have made ten hats so far this year. Love the stripes in this one.


report: nearly done with 1 mitt, and while i still LURV this project and technique, I realize some things:

  1. i usually do knit swatches for things that must fit, though i am lazy about the blocking of said swatches. for this project, i was too too excited about learning a new thing, and just jumped in. as a result, the mitt i am nearly done with will probably be a good fit for a giant, if anyone knows one. i am resolved to put a pause in this giant-sized armwarmer, and start again with smaller needles. and lesson sort of learned.

  2. while i thought i had started the second ball in a good spot, the stripes have merged into more-similar-than-contrasting for a good spell. on the whole it doesn’t matter so much as i’m pausing this mitt (see above). does it trouble me? not in the slightest. i am still loving this whole helical thing. see below.

  3. I got super over-thinky when it came time for the thumb gusset and i had yarn b to deal with in there. spent a good 10 minutes staring at it, and then some time flipping through this lounge for tips, and the general feeling was “just go for it, trust the process, it’ll all work out in the end.” AND SO I DID. AND IT DID. Lesson: stop thinking so much and let the knitting do its magic. MAGIC I TELL YOU.


Yup. I had the same issue with being excited and charging ahead.My first attempt ended up being my swatch. It was giant. Since I was using size 1 needles, I just found a fingerless mitten pattern on ravelry that matched my gauge and cast on that many stitches (56!).
I used knitpicks chroma that I had in my stash and got to a point that both yarns were mostly gray, despite having taken a huge hunk out of one so they both wouldn’t end up green. But I’m just embracing the mingling of the colors and reemergence of the stripes.


Hi Daisy, I did the same thing when I had to change yarns in the gusset and thought , “how am I going to get my second increase in there…” then I followed the instructions and when I got to yarn A again it was a lightbulb moment and I thought, “oh, yeah that makes sense”. I just finished the gusset increases on my first mit and I am so enjoying the whole process! I am using a crazy zauberball and I am definitely having some color merging going on, but I stuck yarn A in a smaller bag so I don’t forget which is which. We’ll see how it turns out. I also had to go down in needle size (00 - oy! they might be too small but I am winging it - the mit seems to fit so far :wink: ). Thanks for the update!


I’m experimenting by knitting socks with a solid and contrasting variegated yarns. Not sure what’ll happen when I get to the heel, but will find out!

Question - why slip 3 stitches? Why not 2 or 4?


Well there is one unblocked and messy looking armwarmer. This project has been an adventure for me. Managed to wind the ball into two in a not good way such that I ended up with a similarly vague section in mine like Ann described on hers. I don’t mind it but should have paid more attention. Then I decided that although this is so cute, I am not likely to wear them because I don’t wear armwarmers much anyway, so I started a tiny stripes hat. Perhaps I should have realized this in the first place. An inch into the hat (no small amount of knitting on size 1 needles with a zauberball), it was clear the hat was coming out way too big. So it was frogged and now I have one armwarmer and no hat. At some point I will either make another one, or make a hat. Or frog the armwarmer and make something new entirely. In any case, I learned the technique and that is the point right? And the technique is awesome!


Loving this technique! It’s so simple, and fun to watch the subtle color changes. I’m using Shadow Zauerball, so it’s very dark and light. I’ve got one hand completed and just started on the second. Thanks for AYOT!


I keep wanting to knit around with the yarn in hand! But I am starting to get the hang of it:


You could rewind one ball so that you are reversing the direction of the stripe pattern.


Would love to see a photo! Am very curious about that colorway!


I kept overshooting the three stitches! FOCUS? What’s that?

; )


I don’t get how to work the thumb. Do you simply increase every other row. so one row is increase with color A, the next row is with Color B and you simply knit across all stitches, including those between the two markers?


I also made a gigantic arm warmer, didn’t pay attention until it was nearly done because I was focusing on the technique. The question: should I frog it, or make another one for someone with very large hands?


Yes, exactly that. It works very neatly.


I picked 3 as it was just enough for me to keep the tension constant. And also sufficient stitches that I looked and stopped before knitting merrily over the yarn change. :laughing: But you could equally well do it with 2 or 4 stitches.
I hope that helps!


Yes you’ve got it! :slight_smile: Hope you’re having fun.


Thank you! Yes, that does help a lot.


Hi Ann, just posted a photo on instagram. It’s artfully posed so you can’t see the glitch where I picked up two dropped stitches 5 rows back-- more or less :roll_eyes: