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Technique Number 1: Helical Stripes


Thank you! Have a lovely SPRING day!


Finished my arm warmers in Rare Earth. This Zauberball brand new was so gorgeous it was tough to cast on…the cobalt blue in there just glows. I think this color would be so pretty in a simple gradient cowl. These sort of morphed to elbow length both so I could use up more of the ball and because 72 stitches was turning out way too big so I just shaped them down along the way. I was really thrilled to learn this technique and will use it a lot in the future. And now I have a lovely pair of arm warmers for dog walks!


I love this technique! Happy to know I was not the only one whose gauge was way off. Just pulled everything out and starting again on 2.25 mm needles this time.

I have two questions for Jen and others:

  1. When using the DPNs, how do you keep your tension even at the places where you change needles and yarn? I had four corners of messy stitches going up the tube where I switch needles.

  2. Have you ever tried 9" circular needles for a project like this? What would be the pros and cons of using these?

Thank you!


I finished my “Frenchy Mitts” last night! So called because I bought the yarn at The Quarter Stitch in New Orleans’ French Quarter, and did quite a bit of the knitting while watching Versailles on Netflix! The colorway is DOMINO. Blogged here.


They look great! I am so glad to see a crazy zauberball knit up ( I am using a crazy in the parrot colorway.). It looks like you got some great definition in your stripes. Mine is a little more muddy at the moment. Congrats on the FO!


Did you see the cowl in Purl Soho this morning? Perfect for helical stripes!!


Well, my needles finally came 3 days ago so I’m able to work on this at last! It’s going pretty quickly, I’m almost ready to separate the first thumb gusset. I have a 2 hour mandatory tech thing I have to attend for work today…I’m taking it along!


The newprint cowl from purl soho is a free pattern which would be cool helicalized.


Dear all - I have just ripped out my almost finished arm warmer. It looked messy, gauge too loose, starting over. I like and get the technique so much and the Zauerball is new to me and so nice. Such a lovely halo. On the redo I am going to put each ball into separate bowls marked A and B. This can’t be a portable project for me yet, I get too easily confused.


Well, I am stumped. I just finished the increases for my thumb gusset and now am supposed to put the 22 stitches on a holder. Problem is, I change to yarn B smack dab in the middle of the gusset. (Yarn A is hanging out just before the start of round marker.) Any advice? My brain is having trouble thinking it through. Thanks a bunch!


Work with A to the gusset, slip the B stitches to the tail of B and finish, hold the gusset and continue with B.


Thank you so much Nellknits!! You got me back on track - I keep forgetting that where the color change occurs is an unfinished row, kinda sorta. Thanks again!


It was my pleasure, and I’m delighted that you are back to your mitt. I can’t wait to see it…


Sorry not to have caught up here for a few days - things have been busy with exciting photography stuff. :smiley:

@erikas2007 I love your armwarmers! They look totally brilliant, and the shade of that Zauberball is fab!

@adelaida When I work on DPNs, I change where the needle change is occurring from time to time which helps to avoid any laddering. So every few rounds I will knit a few extra stitches from the next needle onto the current one, and do that right around all the needles. Because the point at which the needle change is moving, it disguises any differences in tension. I do the same with magic loop - shifting where the change occurs so that laddering is disguised. :slight_smile: Hope that helps. As to the 9" circulars - they would be perfect for these. Some find that they are harder to hold as the needle tip is so short, but if you’re comfortable with them, then go for it!

@vknitorious These look super! I had worries about how well the Crazy Zauberballs would stripe, but these are super! Congratulations!

@katherine.everett @marthabilski I came on here just now to ask if anyone else had seen this pattern. As you both say, it’s screaming out to be “helicalised”! Who will be first though? :smiley: :frowning: I’m sorry that your first armwarmers wasn’t working out. I hope the second is better. I saw a good plan on another board - someone had put their balls of yarn in separate ziplock bags, and added a big post it in each saying A and B. That might help yours to be portable if you would like it to be…

@kwolpert I see that the wonderful @nellknits sorted you out! But I just wanted to say that I love your description of it being an “unfinished row”. That’s exactly what it is! Thank you. :slight_smile:

Happy knitting everyone! Jen x


Thanks for the reply. I am well into my second attempt and it looks 100% better. The ziploc tip is a great idea. I have been carrying around my 2 plastic cups in a paper shopping bag because I can’t bear to leave this mitt at home all day. Classy!


My son wanted his own “cat ear hat” in green and yellow. I used it as an occasion to try helical stripes! Yarn is Madelinetosh Chunky in Edison Bulb and Seaglass.


I have a button band to finish then I am casting on for the cowl. Will I be the first?


Yes! Stash diving produced two candidates: Quince & Co’s Piper in Longhorn (white) and Wool and the Gang’s sugar baby alpaca in checkers, a grey/white marle for the Newsprint Cowl. OR
Other helical ideas…Tiny Stripes Hat by Purl Bee and oh, wait, Churchmouse has a Two-color Striped Cowl pattern using Lang nova. Thinking about using Maai in Suit and Ash on US #8. Knit on!


Thank you, Jen. These are all great suggestions.


Awesome! and the hat is pretty cute too.