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Technique Number 1: Helical Stripes


Yay, I finished Armwarmer number 1! Trying to decide whether to micromanage number 2 for symmetry or just let the A and B colors fall where they may. I really like the way this technique keeps me interested, wanting to get to the next changes to see what they look like.


Colorfulness! Love it!


What a great hat! :slight_smile: I hope he enjoys wearing it.


Too many patterns and not enough time I fear!! :smiley: Hope you enjoy yours.


Thank you! So far his brother and two of his friends have requested hats of their own :slight_smile:


Love the tutorial. Thank you! Her method makes more sense & seems easier than the one I’d learned.

I was just looking at KnitPicks new “gradient” sock yarn online – spoiler alert: it’s not really a gradient more like yarn with color changes. They show some knitted swatches to demo the color on one that I saw I just kept thinking that they need this tutorial because the photo showed the “stair steps” in the swatch, which was highlighted by the non-gradient nature of the yarn.

It made me laugh. Thanks for making me into a smug knitter (the snark came naturally).


Hey helical stripes knitters - I had a bout of startitis. Squad Mitts helical striped in a Crazy Z I had in my stash and a regular Z I got from the MDK crew. Colors are great together. When I was 2 1/2 to 3 in. in on the Mitt they started in on helical garter stitch so I started a cotton chemo cap and an infinity scarf. As a result, Hadley (and maybe a few other W-I-Ps) is in time out - it’s one of those I’m so far behind I think I’m first situations. What are you guys going to entice me with next, huh?
P.S. I’ll share a photo of the Mitt one of these days.


Wow, it sounds like you’ve been well and truly bitten! :grin: I’ve got armwarmers and a helical honey cowl on the go, and far too little knitting time to cast on anything else at the moment… I’m tempted though. :smiley:


So, I finally picked up a Zauerball at my LYS. And it is so pretty I am scared to start winding it. Does this ever happen to anybody else or am I just crazy?


So I chose to micromanage color on Armwarmer 2. I have yarn A and B happily helixing around but I want A to disappear and become C (A is actually just a section of yarn from earlier in B, but anyway…,) while keeping B going. Where/how should I best sub C for A? Should I slip slip slip then join C and knit with C where I would have been picking up A? Or, Should I drop A and knit with C at the last 3 before a change (so I’ll slip slip slip C next time)? (**insert sound of mind boggling here) Or is there another, better way? Sorry if this is obvious or previously discussed.


I think that’s a pretty common reaction to yarn that looks beautiful in the ball or skein. :laughing: But you can overcome it and cast on… Go for it!


You definitely want to be starting with C wherever you would have been starting with A. So work with B to 3 sts before A. Slip 3 then start with C. You’ll then be able to weave in the ends later. Hope that helps!


Cast on my Helical Stripes mitts last weekend using the bag of sock nubbins I’ve accumulated rather than break open my sole Zauberball. Soooo these will be fraternal twins if either ball lasts through the first mitt or they’ll be related only by pattern but I’m having fun. I used Magic Knots to join random balls of leftover sock yarn, grabbed two that look contasty, and cast on. You can see that the first bit of yarn B is self-patterning because of the little white and gray dot-boxes between the blue marl rounds.


I started the purl soho cowl that we were talking about but frogged it when the edges curled too much even after a garter stitch edge.


Oh that’s a bit annoying. Will some extra garter stitch sort it out do you think?


i too started that purl soho cowl. it’s right curly, i agree, but nevertheless i am persisting. :wink:


I tried to make striped socks (in grandson’s school colors) years ago and gave up. Will revisit that project now with the right technique.
I am disappointed in the shapelessness of the arm warmer. Guess I need a technique to correct that.


Don’t forget knitters - socks and fingerless mitts (armwarmers?) need negative ease. That way they are shaped by your feet or hands/arms (and the knitting is said to last longer).


Well, the Helical Sock Mitt went to the frog pond to be replaced by the Helical Sock Sock. I’d been hankering for another sock project, wasn’t enamored of the Helical Mitts length and reported size or knitting on US 2 needles (aka: toothpicks) so I ripped what little I’d managed to knit and, using my favorite Ann Budd “6 Stitches per Inch Socks” pattern started a sock. By the time I was through the cuff and a little way into the leg I decided that I really wanted to use three balls of sock yarn so I rearranged the stitches into thirds and added one more. Using three yarns you end up running into the next one two times as you go around once and knit two needles’ worth with the third but using my daughter’s trick of tucking each ball into a dollar store sandwich bag (before starting the project) with one corner snipped off so the yarn comes through there keeps the tangles to a minimum. An afternoon of knitting with friends got me nearly to the heel. My plan is to use one yarn for the cuff (already done), the yarn with the smallest amount for a short-row heel, and the yarn with the most for the toe, that way each yarn will have the chance to shine. Geeky, but it amuses me.


Hi, I am wondering where to stop if I am going to break a part of my Zauberball to enter a more contrasting color: 3 stitches before the end or knit till the end of the color?