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Technique Number 2: Intarsia


Any word on when the sterling colorway will be available for us slowpokes?


It’s on its way to us right this minute and should be back in stock today or tomorrow. Thanks for your patience!


The yarn has been shipped to us and should be back in the shop today or tomorrow–thanks for bearing with us.


To coin a Kay phrase, squee!


Yay!!! I definitely can’t wait to get my hands on a Sterling kit :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Yay! My yarn arrived today and I started.
Love the yarn! I’m up to the row where you add in the second color, is there a special way to join the yarn? Any trick I should know when joining for intarsia?
I hesitate to knot this yarn because I don’t think it can be unknotted.


Pretty sure you just start knitting with the new color, then tidy up that
area when you weave in the ends.

PS Hardest thing for me so far is FINDING WHERE THE YARN STARTS in this
Cumulus! Hilariously hard to locate!


Usually when I start a new yarn, I weave it in towards the old yarn, to connect it to the rest of it. With the different colors, I can’t do that (well, I COULD but wouldn’t that look funny - or have I just invented a whole new aspect to knitting?). Will I end up with a small gap if I just start knitting? Can you tell I’ve never done intarsia?


You definitely don’t need to weave in the second color–just let the end
dangle until you weave in the end. There will be a little gap until you
weave that end in. Jen shows how to weave in the ends along the seam of
intarsia color changes (clever!)—when you do this, the gap will close up if
you’re paying attention.

I’ve never done intarsia either! We Are Lifelong Learners Or Something!


Great thanks!
That’s one of the things I love about knitting- always something new to learn.


I started the shawl using Rowan Felted Tweed because I agreed that it is best not to think about intarsia too much before starting. Since it was ten o’clock at night when I made that decision I went with what was readily available and somewhat lightweight. I have just started the third color and, while perhaps not so cloudlike, Rowan Felted Tweed is quite lovely so far.


One of my favorite yarns ever!
I know it’s gorgeous. I have a sweater quantity stash of Rage (the best red ever) that I’d love to knit sometime soon. :heartbeat:


That sounds lovely! And I’m totally with @nellknits on Rage being the best red ever! :smiley:


Now I feel like I need a red sweater.


I’m with you laurel.kniskern. I have avoided intarsia and when I read the list of techniques when the Year was announced thought, I’ll skip that one, but doing intarsia this way without a tangle of bobbins and millions of ends led me to cave. Determined to knit from stash this year, I just happened to have five skeins of Hempathy in five different colors that I bought in South Dakota on our last trip to Yellowstone. (There are actually 6 skeins but the pink didn’t make the cut.) What could be better than learning something new using souvenir stash yarn? The needles came out late last night and I’m off, not very far, but I’ve begun. Ten more rows and I get to add the yellow.


I love the colorways in the shop, and this kind of intarsia doesn’t even look scary! My first foray into intarsia was about 20 years ago, but there were a lot of bobbins or hanging butterflies for the small fiddly bits. Color blocking looks way more manageable.

(Vogue Grumpy Cat sweaters, but one is smiley because kiddo didn’t like the frowny face.)


I knit that too! I used turquoise for the background and a tweed for the stripes. I love the smile.


I’d love to see yours if you have pix! I knit these two, and was knitting one for myself when my interest died. Completely. Oh, well.

I passed the smaller of the two sweaters on to another family, and I saw one of their grandkids wearing it at church a few weeks ago! Still going strong.


I just finished row 74- the third repeat of rows 39-50. The pattern says I should have 26 stitches: 9 st in yarn A and 17 stitches in yarn B. I have 29 stitches- 11 in yarn A and 18 in Yarn B. Is this going to totally screw me up? Any ideas on how I can fudge it?


I had 1 more stitch in each colour too, my thinking is an extra stitch can’t hurt in the big picture of learning!