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Technique Number 2: Intarsia


Here’s my attempt to make an easy-to-use chart for section 5.


This is similar to what I was going to work on. Hooray for you…


Um, writing? Not to be difficult, really, but I have never had a written pattern since the first laptops came out around 20 some years ago! I think it comes from having a mum whose knitting patterns took up entire rooms of boxes every time my Dad got new orders! (We were military)

I’m stuck in the same place Bookie is, and for the same reason. It hurts my brain to try to figure out how to attempt to find a way to get those rows marked in some way so that I’m not juggling a piece of paper, an iPad, balls of tangled yarn, and a project, when all three dogs jump on me! Or maybe it’s that I’m mathematically challenged? I certainly won’t deny it. It just doesn’t seem like a natural thing to me to know where these increases should be, and I really don’t have the pattern that well memorized. I’m sorry!

FWIW, I do have Knit Companion installed, wasn’t using it for this, but I could if it would help.

Any hints at all for those of us who are non-paper based would be awesome!


I use goodreader. For the first repeat, I put a box with “inc” next to the row numbers. So it looks like this
Inc row 97: Work in yarn A to y-marker, ITy, with yarn B, knit to y-marker
I did this for each increase row. When I’m done with the first repeat of these rows, I will move the inc to the proper row. So the next repeat will start like this
Inc row 95 (shift B and C, rs): Work in yarn A to 2 sts before y-marker,
Hope that makes some sense!


Oh, I’m glad I’m not the only confused one. JenACKnitwear gave me a great tip: the “body increase” is [k3, slmx, M1R] done in yarn A on RS rows starting on Row 97 in Section 4 so I put a star next to every fourth row to remind me to do that little increase at the beginning, no matter what other things show up in the same row. I am most comfortable paper-based. I’ve never used an iPad, can you possibly bold or caps every fourth row number? dbukko’s Project Notes on Ravelry are epic. I spent the day reading them and being boggled at that level of pre-project prep.


You are very welcome! I’m glad the notes may help those who aren’t ready to “just dive in”. It really is a WONDERFUL pattern.


Hi,! I so enjoyed your earlier post about hair color and wardrobe! Thank you for that :slight_smile:

You might want to check out the Arnall-Culliford Knitwear group. I haven’t used Knit Companion, but there have been many posts about how to use it with Brambling. I’m sure you would find friends there who can help.



The different ways that we have all approached this pattern has been massively interesting to me. I don’t think there is one way of writing things that will ever work for everyone, but it’s my constant goal to get as close to that as possible!

If you’re on a tablet device then Knit Companion is definitely working for lots of people in my Ravelry group. I don’t use it myself, so I can’t give you any specific advice I’m afraid. But here is a link to a search of the April AYOT thread, for posts mentioning Knit Companion ( If you use that as a starting point there were some excellent posts about how people have set it up. And you’ll also work out who’s using it so you can ask more if you need to.

The other option if you’ve got Numbers on your iPad would be to just run the row numbers down one column then do the next column with inc written every 4 rows - a spreadsheet will fill that automatically for you. Then you could use Debi’s notes to make the shift rows in the third column and use the 4th to tick off as you work each row.

I guess it depends whether you’re more familiar with KC or with Numbers. I hope that’s of some help, and do shout if you need anything else. :slight_smile:


Thank you so much, Jen and DBukko! I went to Ravelry and have now at least got the pattern pulled in to Knit Companion and set up as a full, as opposed to Quick Start pattern, and will begin the process of either using highlighting or annotations to mark the unannounced increases later this morning. Whew!

I’m liking this shawl way too much to throw in the towel now! Or throw my iPad across the room, which was another option…


Thanks for the suggestions! That gives me a lot of fuzzy choices. As for non-fluffy, which would be my preference, I’m pretty ignorant about what 4-ply means. Would that fit your recommendation of heavy lace to DK range?


That sounds perfect for me, and maybe also suitable to work on in hot weather, which is when I will get to it. Thanks.


Hi friends!

For the sterling colorway, which colors are ABCDE? I’ve been trying to figure it out, and, errrr, it’s not going well. This question has me locked in fear, so I’m not starting the project. Please help!


Hi Kate! I totally know what you mean–I started to color in a schematic
with colored pencils, then totally freaked out. Too many possibilities!

After a bit of scheming, here’s what I’m doing. I picked Moonlight for A
because I really love that color and wanted it to run along the edge. I
wanted to keep Slate and Water as far apart as possible, because they’re
the closest in shade and value. And I’m not as crazy about Sea Green (I
mean, it’s a fine color and all that, but I like the other shades more, so
I diminished how big a role Sea Green would play.)

A Moonlight
B Silver
C Water
D Sea Green
E Slate

But you can put them in any order that pleases you. Or freaks you out the
least! ; )


Ok I am just getting started today. I admit to being a little unnerved by the pattern. I read through everyone’s comments and I am more than a little scared to begin. But here’s to cannon balling into the deep end!


Thanks Ann!! Now I have no more excuses. I’ll get started today.


Ann, thanks so much for sharing your thoughts on how you chose your color positions! I kept moving mine around like pieces on a chessboard :sweat_smile: After reading your post, I chose my two favorite colors - Moonlight and Magenta (swapped out for the Sea Green which wasn’t my favorite either) and placed them in the large center positions - E for Moonlight and B for Magenta. Both of these will make up the majority of the corners, so they will be very visible in the finished shawl looped around the neck. I put Slate in position A because it’s really gorgeous next to Magenta, and I like the idea of it anchoring the edge. The two “neutrals” - Water and Silver - I’ve put in the C and D positions.

After looking at this, I realize I’ve got all my darks together on the outside, with the lighter colors on the inside, but I think I’m okay with that. I tend to go for the deep, rich jewel colors so I think I’ll be happy with those three darks taking over.


Thanks again for all the help figuring out the “body increase” brain block. I feel so much more confident going forward that I calmly but carefully dropped down columns of color C when I noticed, six rows later, that I’d knitted when I should have purled. And I am bragging when I say you can’t hardly tell where. buffs nails on shirt


I am almost done with my schizophrenic brambling (ran out of b, been improvising since then) and I’m sad! I love this pattern, been a long time since I’ve enjoyed the process so much.


I’ve made a spreadsheet/chart for the entire pattern… and I’d like a second set of eyes on it before I offer it to everyone.
message me - if you’d like to look it over.


I just started and am wondering how the colors for the second color way should go. I have Slate, Sea Green, Silver green, Moonlight, and water. I started with Slate as color 1… Any suggestions? what should be color 2,3,4 and 5? I know it is up to me, but I don’t trust my color eye!