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Technique Number 2: Intarsia


I just saw this and it was very helpful. I started with Slate, but will continue with Silver, Water, Sea Green and finally Moonlight. Off I go to strap on the bungee!


Hi Mary Alice!

I’m going to be posting tomorrow some pix with the color order I went with.
There’s a post earlier where I listed how I put the colors—hope this helps!


This is a great idea. For those of us who might be “left-right challenged,” the untangling business finally made sense to me when I heard it described this way---- picture the knitting as a book, with the spine running up one side edge of the knitting. At the end of each row, you just flip the knitting back and forth along the spine of the book, and the yarns will stay in their proper places.


Sorry! 4 ply is “English English” for fingering weight yarn. So yes, in between heavy lace and DK. :slight_smile:


You’ve had a great suggestion from @Ann1, but I was just going to say trace over the schematic and do some colouring in - you can do it however you like, but I would probably try to keep the balance between the darker and lighter colours. So avoid having all the darks as A B and C for example. :slight_smile:


So good! Love this image–so helpful.


As I was finishing section 4, (rows 131-136), I thought of our discussion of how we marked the pattern and kept track of the shawl increases. This is what my iPad looked like using good reader. The INC aloe the red line were for those last 6 rows. The INC below the red line were from the previous repeat.


So glad you posted this info! I was procrastinating over color sequence and this gave me the nudge to just


I decided to use up my leftovers and knit a cowl using the size 6 needles and 215 stitches. I just picked an order and changed to new colors wherever the previous one ended. The yarn was too yummy to leave in my leftovers collection!


I have pretty much lost my interest in knitting this, since it has become so difficult to read the pattern. I need to figure out how to use my knitCompanion app on my iPad for this, as some others who posted on Ravelry have done, but I don’t have the time or inclination right now. I teach at the university and we’ll be finished in a few weeks, so I’ll tackle it then. I do think it will be good to learn how to take my use of the knitCompanion app to the next level, so all is not lost. We’re planning a pretty big road trip this summer and that will certainly give me time to figure things out. On to project number 3!


I’m glad I’m not the only one to fall into the weeds with this pattern. The lack of any “rest” rows, the fact that every row is different, and the jumping back and forth made me lose my enthusiasm for this project. I’ve put it into timeout for now. That said, I am happy to have learned how not to have holes in my knitting when changing yarn colors.


I’m almost half way done and finding it a bit of a slog. It’s not the pattern or the yarn, just that it is taking so long. I’m hoping the decreases make it go a lot faster.


Decreases are blissfully fast, I have to say. It’s like coming back from a
trip–it goes weirdly faster. And by the end, it’s just two colors, then
one, then done!


I was fine with the brambling shawl until I got to section 4.
They say they haven’t written out the instructions so where are they?
Every number has some instructions written. I am confused with what to knit.


Hi jdpriebe,

Up to this point you have been working an increase at the start of every 4th row. It’s worked as k3, slmx, M1R, and was first established in section 1. These are the shawl body increases.

In sections 1-3 it was possible to write the increases explicitly into the rest of the instructions, because the colour shift pattern was repeating over a number of rows that divided by 4 (there was a 20 row repeat in section 2 for example).

In section 4, the colour repeat pattern is worked over 18 rows, so it’s not possible to write the shawl body increases in the row by row instructions (because first time through you’d be doing an increase on row 97, but on the second repeat through the shawl body increase lands on rows 95 and 99 etc…). So instead the RS rows say, “work in yarn A to 2 sts before y-marker” or “work in yarn to y-marker”. This means EITHER work the start of the row as k3, slmx, M1R, if it’s an increase row, OR just knit along if it’s not an increase row.

I’d recommend writing the row numbers out and marking which ones will be shawl body increase rows. Then you can also add which rows are shift rows if you like. And the rest will just be worked in the basic knit or knit edges and purl the centre pattern with the colour changes at the markers.

I do hope that makes sense. Please don’t hesitate to ask if I can help further.
Best wishes,


Hello Jen,

Thank you, yes, your explanation does make sense and I think I understand now.

I am just going to clarify that I do understand what you say.

I wrote out which rows are the increase rows.

97, 101, 105, 109…133

Row 97 as written is just a knit row but you are saying I add a K3, slmx, M1R? And add this to

all the increase rows above?

The M1R is only in the Yarn A section?

The shift rows are all written out, I think?

I have already matched that (e.g.) row 135 is row 117 is row 99

Do I have this right?




I am FINALLY half way through. Although tbh I had to put the knitting down for a week and a half due to work and family illness. But I am hating this knitting, I like the end result but it is so tedious. I am so bored. I am committed to finish but gahhhhhh it is hard.


Ha! I just typed almost the same thing! Lol!


I have to just put stuff down sometimes. Maybe it could be a Half Brambling
and call it DONE?


I’m a slow knitter anyway, and not having worked with lace or fuzzy yarn much it’s taking me longer. I am enjoying it and LOVE the yarn. I’ll get through it. But that mouse is awfully enticing!