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Technique Number 3: Pinhole Cast On


The project: Alex the Mouse, an adorable stuffed toy designed by the ever-inventive Ella Austin. We’re eager to get started on the making of limbs, ears, torso, head, and tail. Here’s where we can talk about how it’s going.


I am really looking forward to this! It looks like such a neat and tiny cast on!


My yarn should be here tomorrow! Thanks MDK! And may have to take a break from the colorwash scarf to work on the mouse. Can’t wait to try the pinhole cast-on.


So excited! Just ordered my kit…I have a new grandbaby coming in December, so this will be their first stuffed toy!!! Can’t wait!


This really does seem like peak grandbaby knitting. Congratulations, Leah! What a joyous time for you.


Yes, I’m doing the same–Colorwash in one hand, Alex in the other. This could get complicated.

So glad you’re in on this one!


I know–I watched Jen’s tutorial and thought: No way, she’s not making a drawstring, is she? SHE IS MAKING A DRAWSTRING. So. Cool.


It will be my third, but the other two are 10 and 9, so having a new baby will be so joyous!!!


Ok this mouse got me. I have grandma itis. I will have to shop my stash tho, unless anyone knows a good divorce lawyer.
etited to add. Also, great video on pinhole cast one. I am off look for sock yarn.


Watched the video and ready to cast on! Am on the downward end of Brambling shawl though,should finish this first.:roll_eyes:


So glad to have your grandma mojo working! Can’t wait to see what colors
you come up with.


The only cure for startitis is more starting!


When I read the hint about this project, I thought there was no way I would be making it. Then this morning I saw the picture and it was instant love! All the cool little details, and the sweet color combinations…can’t wait to make this for my new granddaughter. Hoping the yarn arrives before I leave for the Maryland Sheep and Wool.


Ella has beyond knocked this design out of the park in my opinion. I’m really not normally a toy knitter, but I can see myself making more than one Alex… :joy:
I hope your yarn arrives in time!


I have just joined the grandma club myself. As soon as I decide which color combination really sings to me I am going to order it and stash it away. I have also been bitten by the statistics bug and just began a brioche knit along at my LYS which required me to take a series of brioche classes at a different LYS. So what I really want to know is how long will these videos be available? I have purchased the patterns and book already. Will the videos still be available when I can finally focus on each technique?


Yes absolutely! The videos aren’t going anywhere. They will stay as posts here at MDK - in the How To section, and they are also visible on our You Tube channel, so you should be able to access them indefinitely. Many thanks!
And your brioche class sounds really fun - I’ve been giving brioche a try recently and I’m looking forward to casting on a Briochevron Wrap shortly…


I’m about to become a great aunt for the first time. We don’t know yet if it’s a boy or girl, but Alex will be a great first knitted gift either way!


Congratulations! That’s such fun.


I need to get knitting on Alex some more… Mostly because I want to go on Instagram and use the hashtag #rodentalong :joy: :joy: :joy:


Who doesn’t need another mouse in the house? I think I’ll call her Alexa, if that’s OK. :wink:

Is the kit for 50 grams of yarn total, or for 3 skeins of 50 gram yarn for a total of 231 yards? I can’t quite tell. I was curious about that with the intarsia kit, too.