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Technique Number 3: Pinhole Cast On


Hi Robyn! So sorry for the confusion! It’s three 50-gram skeins, 231 yards
per skein, for a total yardage of 692 yards.

Alexa! That’s brilliant.

Thanks so much for checking in!

All the best,


Thanks, Ann. Please don’t apologize for my confusion. I appreciate the response, and I love “full sized” kits. :wink:
I better snag one before they disappear!


Darling mouse! I’m going to make one. BTW, the Pinhole cast on is the same as the Emily Ocker cast on we have been doing for years. Her patterns are wonderful and available on her daughter’s website. The peacock washcloth is pure genius.
Julie in San Diego


Could you give the name of the daughters website please? Curious about the washcloth. I have done this in crochet but not knitted.


My Alex is coming along nicely–look for a blog post soon!

However, am I the only one who finds it hard to look at Alex pre-stuffing? He seems so forlorn…

I’m on the body, so will be able to stuff that part first before moving on to the ears and legs. Got to keep the vision going!


I’m about 3 rows into the body (and, no, my Hadley isn’t done yet…). I seriously considered trying to stuff the head when I started the body, because it looks so deflated. But then I came to my senses! :wink:


Looks fantastic!


Thanks for the site info.



Alex update: my Alex has LEGS. We’re in the home stretch–of the knitting, anyway. Just cast on a tiny arm. Stuffing cannot be too far ahead.


I’m not too far off either! I’ve got one of each of the limbs and ears… I was trying to avoid second leg syndrome by working on other bits in between. Now I need to crack on with it to get to the finished cute toy!


I am a few rows away from completion of arm two. I have stuffed the head and body and one leg. I would recoommend stuffing the arms before you finish the final two decreases as the too opening is small.


I got sidetracked with another project, but am excited to say I’m 3/4 through making the ears. On to the legs and arms this weekend, and then the assembly begins! Then, I may make myself some shorty striped socks with the leftover yarn :slight_smile:


Finished! Fun project, but need another because I have two grandsons. Onward.


So far this is a very fun and interesting project. I will be watching for any advice about stuffing and assembly since sewing by hand is not my best talent. I am thinking Alex will look much more appealing once he has eyes.


Have you seen the blog post we did with a video on the applied i-cord as well as some tips on neat finishing from Ella?
I hope that might be helpful. :slight_smile:


Thank you so much for the gift of the Alex kit! It is my pleasure to introduce to you, Mr. and Mrs. Alex Mouse.


Fantastic mousies. I love their expressions and costumes.


I may need to make another. Maybe a blue mouse with pink and gray accents, and then maybe a gray one with pink and blue accents. :slight_smile:


OH WOW! That is so fantastic to see–amazing knitting, well done! xoxoxo