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Technique Number 3: Pinhole Cast On


What a cutie!!! Totally gorgeous. :heart_eyes:


Finally got my Alex stitched together. My brambling scarf took me so long, I didn’t finish until May 13. I wanted to catch up with the projects, and I’ve done some fair isle (and know we have more coming!) so I made Alex solid. It also allowed me to use yarn I already had. I love Alex.



I should add that I finished the actual knitting part of Alex on May 31 and am well on my way on the cloche.


I LOVE HIM! The yarns are wonderful, and I like his mousey face.
Congratulations on a beautiful finishing job–no small feat.

Finally getting to cast on my Romi Hill hat. The yarn is glowering at me at
this point.


How goes the cloche? That lace pattern is so intriguing.


I’m a few rows in to the second repeat. I love knitting lace from a chart- your hands just do the stitches without too much thought.
I’m using the same yard I used for Alex. Probably doesn’t show the Lacey pattern that well, but it’s a stash busting project.


Thanks! I went for mousy eyes. I just knotted some super bulky black yarn until I liked the size.


Alex is absolutely gorgeous!! Congratulations. :heart_eyes:


Thank you! I enjoyed knitting him.


having just last week finished my brambling shawl (WHICH I LOVE, bee tee dubs), I screwed up my courage for the pinhole cast on this morning. and whoa, @JenACKnitwear, but have you sold me on this lil nugget. i’ve tried it in the past and gotten so frustrated and cussy about it that i had already worked myself into a frenzy before even finding the end of my yarn to start.

but your video, and really, i think the cool, calm sound of your voice, and the order in which you walked me through the steps were totally manageable. like, i even LIKED IT.

hashtag gamechanger. bless you for that. and this lil mouse is gonna be rilly rilly cute.


I’m so pleased you’re enjoying it so much! :heart_eyes:


Alex is joining the knit local movement.


Mouseactivist! May I use this for a Year of Techniques post on MDK? Love it.


Sure! My little Alex would be honored.