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Technique Number 5: Heel Turn


I haven’t started these yet but when reading the pattern through it says the lace pattern is mirrored - so direction of pattern is opposite for each foot. Just a guess - lol


Thanks, KathyD-- clearly you read the pattern more carefully than I did!! I do see now where it says the pattern is mirrored… I


I can’t see any particular problem with using a stretch yarn - I think you’ll just need to make sure that you’re not pulling harder on it at any point in the patterning (I can imagine I would pull tighter on the yo, k2tog for example), since this might be tricksy with a stretchy yarn… But otherwise I think it should be fine! And KathyD is absolutely right - the instructions are different so that the lace pattern is mirrored. It’s fairly intuitive once you get into it. I work my socks at the same time on two sets of dpns. I work on whichever is shorter when I open my project bag. So I’m always picking it up and reading my knitting to see where I am and what I need to do next - once you’ve set up the lace pattern it continues in the same way regardless of which sock you’re on. So you should be fine!
I hope that helps!


Hi Jen,
thanks for the response regarding the stretch yarn. I do snug up the
stitches when I move from one dp needle to the next to keep ladders from
showing up. Will have to be extra careful at that point as well as well as
when doing yarn overs and k2tog sts. And if it gets too annoying, I will
just have to go yarn shopping! :slight_smile:
It will be fun to see the mirror image developing in the socks. As you
say, once I get them going it should be relatively straight-forward.
Thank you so much for your tips!


Ah yes! The needle change is another point just to be conscious not to over-stretch the yarn… You may find that it’s actually totally easy to use, and we’re both overthinking it a little. :smiley: Good luck!


I haven’t wanted to knit socks for a long time, but the beautiful colours of these have been very enticing. And then last night, on TCM, I watched Hitchcock’s The Trouble With Harry and what do I see but Harry’s jazzy blue socks with the red toes! I wanted to yell at the bum, “Don’t just steal the shoes, take the socks, too!” (For those who have seen it, this will make perfect sense.) So now I really want to knit socks with red toes. Or rose socks with gray toes.


I love spotting good knitwear in films! I hope you’ll enjoy making your socks. :slight_smile:


I would say to cast on using the correct number of stitches to fit the circumference of your foot. Then, make the leg as long as you want it to be. I’m short and proportioned long in the body and short in the limbs so I often make the leg length shorter. Then, knit the foot as long as you need it to be. I usually try on the socks, make sure the heel is properly fitted. When there is only about 1 1/2"'left, I begin the toe. Happy knitting!


Hi! I’m a bit behind the times – am started on the socks, still working on the leg. The ribbing is really pretty and the lace pattern is quite easy to follow.
I knit with two circular needles and love how that works. I have a set of Addi Turbo 20" size 1’s which I’ve done several pairs of socks on. I recently bought a pair of Kollege square size 1 16" needles which I really love. They knit tighter and the cable is very flexible. My yarn is from BigFoot Fiber’s July sock club in colorway Stars and Stripes Forever, red for the socks and blue for the toes.