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Technique Number 6: Provisional Cast On


I’m still in section five so, looking at the key (just called myself a bonehead for not starting there) I think purlwise is write. The knitwise one is for the sl1 k2 psso. Unless I am a bigger bonehead than I think I am! :grinning:


cut from the edging pattern
Row 2 and all foll WS rows: Sl1, k4, p17, k4

This Sl1 would be done purlwise.


You’re way ahead of me. I’m still in the garter rows in Section 5. Row 1 is K 25 and then ssk (joining the cast on stitches to the body and eating up one body stitch). Row 2 is sl 1 then k25. I am reading this as slipping it purlwise.


This is brilliant. I read this and decided to do the same thing (although I am only through my first ball of yarn) because I am 99.9% positive that I don’t have enough and will have to order more. I unzipped and started this afternoon with a great deal of help from Nell. It’s now knitting along beautifully.


Kim Hunter has a great explanation of the lost stitch and how to prevent it in her video “Provisional Cast On - Lost Stitch Trick.” ( I thought I was completely crazy, as in “how do I keep doing this?” until I found the video.


For some reason I haven’t received the email alerting me to the September pattern etc. and for some reason can’t find prior month’s emails to see where I should be looking.
I did fill out the contact-us form on their website but am worried that will fall down a black hole. Am I the only one who didn’t get this?


The September pattern is releasing tomorrow so you should receive a notification then. Are you on ravelry? It should show up on your library.


I suspect I didn’t provide my Ravelry ID when I bought the “book” but I checked the library anyway and there is nothing there from the designers or AYOT as of 5:30 am.

Usually it’s simple - I get an email, click on a link and bang appears a .zip file with the whole package including pattern. This is the first pattern I’ve really wanted to make so I don’t want to forget to get it.

I will try to be patient and hope it comes eventually and meanwhile thanks for the advice.


I located the old emails today and wrote to the contact address therein so will hope that works. Thanks again kjt for help.


My pleasure mfolly. I got my email this morning about an hour and a half after you posted last so perhaps you–like me–are just anxiously awaiting some more fun. And my hard copy book arrived yesterday. Woo hoo!


Gosh, sorry I missed this conversation - things have been super-busy here with shipping books and all the rest of it. :anguished:
I see that @nellknits has got you up and running again…
When I unzip my crochet cast on, the tail at the end of the waste yarn is caught where the main yarn moves up to the next row, so I always use that for the final stitch. If your tail isn’t caught in that way, I would just pick up that extra stitch at the very end of the row.
I’m glad you got your edging all working properly. Do shout if you need any more help!


Have you got all the files you need now? If not, do drop us a line through the contact page on our website, and we can help you get your patterns hooked up to your Ravelry account.
I was later than normal uploading the patterns yesterday as I was on the road and the wifi was terrible first thing. I had to wait until I got to a service station with a better signal. They joys of modern technology!!


Dagnabit! I left this open on my work computer on Friday, Let’s try again!

Thanks Jen! @nellknits was terrific. I’ve done provisional cast-ons before but I was always simply throwing caution to the wind and hoping for the best. I’ve bot a much better understanding of them now.


This was very helpful and much easier and neater than the way I usually do it. It’s a nice little blanket and a good friend’s daughter just had a second baby so it was timed well.


So glad that the pattern landed at a good time for you. Cosy babies for the win! :blush: