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Technique Number 7: Grafting in Garter Stitch


This technique is a cousin of the Kitchener stitch–that thing you do when you close the end of a sock. Here, the grafting is used when you’re making something in garter stitch that you want to continue in an uninterrupted way. The rhythm of this technique is similar but different from Kitchener. Jen Arnall-Culliford’s quick video, here, tells you everything you need to know about how to do this.


Oh my! I wish I could time travel back two days. On Saturday I grafted 80 sts of garter and did it wrong the first time!


Did I miss something? I freely admit that it’s highly possible! I checked my Ravelry library and my September pattern isn’t in there - is it just me? I can (and probably should) wait till after Irma and her companions go away, but wanted to make sure I’m not missing It already!


Mine is in there - 7:54 this morning.


Mine too. Not when I first checked but about 10 minutes later.


The pattern wasn’t in our rav box until sept 6. I missed that when I first opened the mail!


Oh how annoying!! I’m glad you’ve got the tutorial now for another time though. :slight_smile:


While I am knitting with this new Gradient Yarn, I am thinking that it might be also good on my weaving loom. I just need to research for a warp thread and get my life together to find time to weave.