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The Easy Luxury of the Breton Cowl


I applaud this innovation! Staying in the correct row of stitches is the hardest part of doing this for me; I had the same problem when making my Titania neckwarmer thingy.

But on the Breton Cowl, since it uses two very different yarns, my method–picking up from the “dotted line”–is also very easy to execute.


Hmm, I’m thinking of giving Ann’s pick up method a try. I will be making another one of these, since my first one came out so divinely luscious and squishy. If Ann’s method speeds up the process for me I’ll give it a whirl!

Would Squad Mitts in Silk Cloud be too extravagant? (I like my cowl and mitts to match!)


Squad Mitts in Silk Cloud would be a DREAM. I say do it, live the dream…


Cast on a Breton Cowl last night using my October YarnBox (merino, silk, nylon). It’s DK weight so I cast on 250 stitches. Not to a welt yet…


Kay, my chest is a bit puffed out with pride… I puzzled and puzzed til my puzzler was sore about how to pick up the right stitch — even once, let alone 200 times — and then I hit upon simply picking up that dotted line. A few stitches in and I could see it was going to be tidy and harmless. Only after posting my “innovation” on Ravelry did I see you’d hit upon the same conclusion! I’m all for a second edition of this pattern with the dotted line in the instructions. It’s probably the first time I’ve ever picked up exactly the right amount of stitches.

I’m utterly besotted with this pattern now that I’ve got my first welt under my belt. I have a feeling I may be wearing it by Monday.


Finished a Breton Cowl last week. Used Cascade Heritage Silk held double for the main color and Malabrigo Silkpaca for the ridges. Modified slightly because I realized about half way that I wouldn’t have enough of the main color. 10 garter ridges on the outside and 6 between the contrast ridges. Mailed to recipient on Friday.


Lovely colors! Way to modify.

I just finished one myself, a speedy little thing. I’m now kind of into
perfecting my ridge moments–it’s all about the pickup in Round 7. Feeling
pretty sassy about my aim at this point!


Oops, increasing to 250 stitches to compensate for DK yarn resulted in my not having enough mohair for a fourth welt. Decided not to order more, just going with 3 welts. I think it’ll be fine. I settled on using Ann’s from the front method for picking up welt stitches…very smooth! Thank you!


Has anyone knit the Breton Cowl back and forth, instead of in the round? I love back-and-forth garter, am thinking of giving it a go. :sunny:


That is exactly how I realized I needed to do the pick-up row as well. MUCH too confusing trying to look down from above on the wrong side! So simple looking from the right side to locate the top of the correct stitch!


I’m doing it! And loving it…the pattern and yarn are both addictive. Together they are devastating. Like the knitting version of the Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster. It’s all I can do not to sneak away from my desk and go hide/knit somewhere.


Trying to get this done before the Hadley KAL!

LOVE the yarn…decadent. Only…I thought I had nailed the gauge, but it seems I have about 18 st/4inches instead of the requisite 16 st/4inches…and as a result maybe I won’t have enough yarn to finish without cutting back a bit? I got through the 10, 6, and 9 ridge sections with two of the main color skeins. That’s 25 ridges for both, so about 12.5 ridges per skein (right?). And I have one skein left, and the 11 ridge and 4.5 ridge section. Ruh Roh. :open_mouth:

Update: Y’all, I’m totally off my nut. I found ANOTHER SKEIN. I didn’t have one left, I have TWO left! :smiley:
In other words, plenty to do the pattern, despite my slightly errant gauge.

Since this is a safe space I’ll confess that I bought another skein of the MC (Ash) before I found the other one. The kindest word for me, perhaps, is “distracted.” But hey, there’s really no downside to having another ball of Drift.



I love this version. Still haven’t tried this pattern. Maybe after Hadley.


Finished! I knit it back and forth, instead of in the round, because I enjoy all knit garter stitch. I realized on the last welt that they were supposed to be in stockinette; mine are in garter. What a lovely pattern and gorgeous, scrumptious kit! This was my holiday gift to myself, and I’m delighted.