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The Eddy Wrap, from Julia Farwell-Clay


The Eddy Wrap is a jigsaw puzzle of colorful scallops. Julia Farwell-Clay has created a stunner in this brand-new design. Let’s discuss! Here’s Julia’s introduction to how she arrived at this pattern.


In love. What are the main colors for the Patina colorway and Kay’s colorway?


Hi Susan!

Here’s a photo of the three colorways. From left, the names of the colorways are: Kay’s Colorway, Eddy, and Patina. The colors across the top of the photo are the main colors–the kit includes two skeins of this main color, and one skein of each of the other colors.

I’m kind of jonesing for Patina.


Here are more pix, with main color at the top of each colorway.

Eddy colorway:

Patina colorway:

Kay’s colorway:


Thanks for clarifying that.

The Patina colorway is calling to me, but only a little more loudly than Kay’s. I think the Eddy kit may be the ideal gift for my knitting sister-in-law, who just discovered the joys of shortrows. You guys have the best kits …


Just ordered the Patina kit after going back and forth between that one and the Kay colorway. Probably should have ordered both. Now to fit in the knitting with finishing a sweater so that I can start my Christmas themed pullover and finish some Christmas embroidered pillowcases for the grandkids. Ack! I’ll make it work. :wink:


I must make this. I think I like the patina colorway. But like Kay’s palette also. I may have to toss a coin to decide.


The Eddy Wrap is calling to me but I’ve never really done short rows or entrelac/intarsia. Will there be helpful tutorials? Kits are all gorgeous but Kay’s palette compliments my winter garb best.


Yes, Julia is definitely going to help us all through this—I’ve never done
anything like this, either!


Hi, this is so exciting to see your interest in the project! I’m here and will yes of course answer all questions and post photos and get my phone fired up to film a short row video when we need it. These are the world’s easiest short rows since there is no wrapping involved. It’s a great introduction to the technique. The shells are worked off stitches that are already on your needles, so you don’t have to pick up any stitches like you do in entrelac. And as far as intarsia is concerned, this is super friendly. This is a pattern that looks so much more complicated then it is to knit, I hope you’ll agree once we get underway.


Bought my kit (Eddy colorway). Downloaded and read my pattern. Waiting for yarn to arrive!!! My 13-year-old rolled her eyes when I showed her the pattern and inspiration. But she agreed it is a sweet project.


Such a great design! Sorry if I missed an important part … when will “we” get going on the pattern/KAL? I’m hoping to use some stash alpaca but may have to double it … or not! I’m always up for learning something new and this seems fabulous! Maryjo


Hey, Maryjo, thanks for asking! I’m all for your casting on when you’re ready. There’s nothing really “official” planned around start dates or deadlines. I think when you feel the urge, you should put those first four stitches on your needles and get going!


Thank you for your reassurances Ann and Julia. Just ordered my Eddy Wrap Kit in Kay colors. Wow, can’t wait to start and learn some new things!


I’ll be ready in about a week haha - I bought a few other yarn colors/different brand to go with the stash I want to use - Isager 2 alpaca. But I want to play with the yarn first to decide if I want/need to double it for this project. If I don’t double the Isager yarn I may need to think about weaving in the ends rather than making knots.

Thanks so much for your earlier post about “finding” the original Prada pattern - putting it into words helps us novices think about how one might develop something from a photograph/sketch. And when one is spatially deficient as I am - oh my! on the designing-on-one’s-own factor :)) it was great to read your behind-the-scenes thoughts. M


Hey Knitters, I have a question. Those of you who have already used (as in knitted with) your Lichen and Lace (Ann1 - that’s you especially but anyone else who has knitted with theirs and not just laid it out and admired it like me) I was wondering about throwing in a few shells in the Lichen and Lace (when I get to the shells part that is) what do you think, will it work or will it be too different?


There’s a pop color in the pattern, lavender in the original sample. I think the shawl needs a little wow thrown in every once in awhile. Go for it!


How crucial is gauge for the Eddy Wrap? I’ve been swatching with some Ultra
Alpaca I have on hand and can’t seem to get to 16 stitches = 4 inches even after going up two needle sizes. Size 7 needle gives me 19 stitches/ 4 inches. Any thoughts?


Designers - feel free to not read this! When it comes to shawls I don’t really swatch. I just start and if I don’t like the fabric I’m getting I start over with a different size needle. But I tend to use the same yarns over and over so I have a good idea what size to start with. For worsted weight (Medium-4) I am currently using both size 10 and size 10 1/2 needles (different shawls) and I’m getting good results on both. They are also in the final stretch (every time it’s cool enough that I can stand one of them in my lap I knit frantically trying to get at least 1 of them finished). Don’t hesitate maureencharde to go up another size - see if you like the fabric you’re getting and are closer to gauge. Remember - it’s all knitting and we like to do it.


I keep itching to cast one on despite the number of projects I’ve got working. The triangle would be great Telephone Knitting and then I’ll have to get my short row brain working.