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The Eddy Wrap, from Julia Farwell-Clay


Thrilling! Keep going, Maureen–the world awaits …


Thank you for posting this! I am about 10 rows in and was just about to post to see if the line that was developing down the center was something to be expected or a flaw in my kfb technique.

I love the fabric this yarn creates!


Great, I’m glad my posting helped! I agree that this yarn is yummy.


Well, it is my dearest hope that the shell directions are perfectly understandable. The brilliant Sue McCain was the tech editor for the pattern and @nellknits worked up a mini-sample as a test knit to make sure all was clear. While reading through without yarn in hand the directions may seem alien, but I imagine it will be just like any new thing at first: once you’ve knit a shell the rest will fall into line like ducks. However, I know many knitters are visual learners so the video will be invaluable. I’m going to try to film the first one today.


I am so totally in love with this pattern! I absolutely had to have it the minute I saw it (which almost made up for not being able to hit “buy” the minute I saw the original shirt, mind you!) and I knew exactly what yarn I had to use! Gauge? What gauge? Gauge, schmauge!

It’s karma, I tell you, that this pattern came to MDK this weekend, because today, August 27 is our 24th anniversary, and every year since I began “Seriously Knitting” if you can imagine my husband and father saying this as if it were a serious illness like leprosy, one or both of them has always gifted me with something to do with “my condition.” As in, on our 20th, 4 years ago, we were in Ireland and they got me both handcrafted wooden needles and (for the 20th) 20 skeins of every freaking color of wool the Blarney shop had! Every single relative is getting tired of that wool, lol! I’m making Dad his (and my) first daughter designed cables cardigan with the last 14 skeins for his 96th birthday in December - whew!

But 2 years ago, we were at a fiber festival near Gatlinburg, and a I was looking at yarn, of course, and all of a sudden my youngest daughter springs up out of nowhere! She tells me to come with her, all excited - she’s helping her friend. A year ahead of her in Vet school with her mother’s alpaca farm and they have all kinds of alpaca yarn to sell… well, you had me at yarn!

Hubby bought me 1000 yards of the most gorgeous homespun alpaca and silk sari combination I’ve ever seen, and I even got to meet “my” alpaca! Her name was Susie and I’m sure she will totally approve of using her beautiful homespun in a combo with some carefully curated brights to match the hair and pick up the flecks of silk in the saris.

I plan to cast on this afternoon at the Biscuits and Blues concert at the Park that Hubby is performing in. I’ll be the one behind the big bass with the needles.


Please send me a link to that handy, unattractive piece of equipment! I need one!


I love it already. But then, I love oatmeal-colored garter stitch.


Casting on during a late-summer concept will be the lucky charm for this epic project. So excited to see this one!


sure will: it’s the Avantree Cell Phone holder, linked at Amazon.

Funnily enough, a friend of mine with a new baby says these things are handy among the midnight feeding set because they hold a bottle and clamp to the headboard thus:


Concert, not concept! Darn you autocorrect, or typing, or something!


made total sense to me, either way!


First Video! This one for the Right Shell Border, Beginning-of-Row Shell, beginning with 7 sts, increase to 14 sts.

Right Border Shell Video

Second Video! This one is for the Mid-Row Shell.

Mid-Row Shell


The mid shell vid doesn’t seem to be there. Great video, it looks easier than I first thought. I think I will go stash diving and give this a whirl. Thanks Julia.


OMG my daughter has 8 week old twins and I will have to show her this one. Love it!


I did the first tier of shells and Julia, the directions are great!
Nancy you were right. With yarn in hand the instructions made perfect sense and everything fell into place.


oops. Forgot in my haste to share to adjust the setting to “public”. Try again.


Thank you! Forgot about the 20 character things - ok back to stash diving.:blush:


That’s so fantastic to see! Keep going!


I want to start so badly I can hardly stand it. But I promised I’d finish something else first … that old Startitis is rearing it’s lovely head again …


These videos are so helpful, Julia! Much easier to understand than words on a page. (Even very clear words!)

I’m posting these over on the main blog, under Letters for now, so that we can easily retrieve them.