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The Eddy Wrap, from Julia Farwell-Clay


Fantastic! I love this wrap so much.


Yay for the videos- saw them yesterday! Glad people gave been able to start - I’m not at home until after Labor Day. I already have a mental change in the stash yarn I was going to use - need something heavier than what I had originally planned. I’m happy so many people are starting to post their progress - so helpful! Thanks again for the videos / the apparatus is a hoot!


I’m going crazy with this too. Size 7 needles gives me 19 stitches by 22 rows, size 8 needles gives me 18 stitches by 20 rows and size 9 still gives me 18 stitches by 18 rows and it’s supposed to be 48 rows? I think that the row gauge is wrong. It has to be or I’m doing something terribly wrong.


I’m going crazy gauge . Size 7 needles gives me 19 stitches by 22 rows, size 8 needles gives me 18 stitches by 20 rows and size 9 still gives me 18 stitches by 18 rows and the pattern says we’re supposed to get 48 rows (24 ridges). Is that part in error or am I doing something incredibly wrong? How important is the gauge? I’m going to soak the swatch that has all three needles sizes on it and see what happens after washing. Thanks!


Are you knitting the swatch in garter stitch?


Hi, Nanci. Yes, I expect this is stockinette stitch, and no worries. It seems to me that you should stick with the size 8 needles, and know your shawl will be a smidge smaller than the called-for gauge. The best thing about shawl knitting is that they always fit. Assuming you like the fabric (see my comments above about gauge and shawls), I think you’re good to go.


Yes…trying to figure out how to attach photo.


Do you mean that the gauge should have been done in stockinette rather than garter? I did it in garter stitch.



Size 8 sounds good. Usually I have to go down a size in needles so this was a surprise. Still concerned about the row count since mine is about half what’s called for…watched four different videos on how to count rows in garter because I thought maybe I’d forgotten how but I’m counting correctly. ??


well, I don’t have the sample here, but in the swatch I knit for the technique video on the same needles I knit the sample, I get a gauge count of 20 ridges and 16 sts in the 4" square. So that’s 10 rows (5 ridges) to the inch. Maybe I don’t how to count? Off to check on garter counting videos. I don’t understand looking at your swatches how you are getting 20 rows in 4". I can see that you could be getting 20 ridges, so 40 rows? Is that what you mean?
40 rows, 48 rows, it’s garter stitch which is super elastic row wise. I wouldn’t sweat it, if this is what we’re talking about. The difference between 48 rows in 4 inches and 40 rows in 4 inches is 2 rows – or one ridge – per inch, and could be measured with different results by the same person in the same swatch, since it’s garter stitch. It’s like measuring gauge in ribbing, which is always a fraught result. I remain convinced that you’re good to go.


Doh! I can’t multiply! I’ve been measuring over two inches and doubling it. That works fine with stitches and should work fine with rows but of course in garter stitch was counting ridges (10 over 2 inches) and doubling that for the row count…20 rows, but then forgot that I also needed to “double the row count in two inches” in order to get the total row over four inches. so. I’m Close enough. Geez. I can really mess with my mind and confuse others. My apologies!. :joy:


Hey y’all I have been watching this pattern since it came out and jumped on the chance to get it for the donation to the hurricane. It’s such a great stash buster for color work. Thanks for that. My question is: I bought the pattern on MDK website and I would love to be able to have it electronically stored in my Ravelry library if that’s possible. I did that with my field guides and love the access from Ravelry. Is there a way to do that with the electronic version of Eddy Wrap too.


Has anyone been following Franklin Habit over on the Makers Mercantile blog? For the last several weeks he has been making a bag insert for one of their Leather Cage Purses and the design he has knitted is a lot like the shells of the Eddy Wrap. I’m thinking I might want to have an ensemble - matching.


Finished my sweater last night and so have cast on and knit 15 rows on the Eddy Wrap this evening. Yay!


Hey Julia, I found a couple of typos in the Eddy Wrap pattern. Just finished the solid color section. Do you want me to email you or do you already know them? Sara Denbo


oh thank you, Sara, by all means send them along.
Funny how no matter how many eyes look it over, something always escapes.
Thank you again,


Julie- Top left column of page 5, the 2nd line down WS, I think should say:
(WS): Sl 1, k12, turn

And the next row (RS) should say pm instead of sm.

What do you think?
Sara Denbo


Question about the shell colors. I’m nearing the end of the body and contemplating making it one repeat larger (so 124 stitches either side of the center, instead of 110). That lead me to look at the colors for the shells and how the sequence would change if I added an extra shell.

  1. Am I right in thinking there really isn’t a pattern to how the shell colors are arranged? I notice that the body color doesn’t ever show up in Tier 1 of the shells, but otherwise, it looks like a personally pleasing distribution of colors is really what is called for?

  2. I’m assuming the kit gives me enough yarn to actually do a larger size, assuming reasonably normal gauge?


Thank you, Sara. I don’t see either of these as incorrect. Is this where you are knitting now in the pattern? At this point you’re still working in garter stitch for the foundation shell (which is still in the main color) so wrong side rows are also knit. You will be working in Stockinette Stitch when you starting adding the colors, but you’re in garter for now.
And you do slip a marker (not place one) since you should have placed markers along the row according to the last instruction before you began the Foundation Shell Row.
I hope this clears things up for you. Keep me posted!