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The Eddy Wrap, from Julia Farwell-Clay


Wow, hat s gorgeous. Great job.


Gorgeous. When you block you can tug the last row of shells into their scallop shape, or leave them straight, they’ll do what you like. It really does look wonderful already though. I’m so in love with all your colors too. They feel like a Shetland beach to me.


This is Absolutely Beautiful! I gently steamed my first rows and could see that the puckers would likely flatten out nicely once I finish the entire wrap and wet block it.


I wire-blocked the top edge of the wrap so it would dry nice and straight, and pinned the scallops. All the puckering is gone and I’m really pleased with the result :grinning:
Some day I might get to a Shetland beach, but in the meantime this wrap will remind me of a peaceful walk in the woods.
Thank you again for a great pattern and videos.


Thanks for your kind words Nanci. I’ll look forward to see your finished Eddy!


Finished, washed and blocked before the sweater KAL I’m in that started today. Very Pretty!


Oh wow, that’s wonderful to see! I hope you wear it all day long–so


Hi All, I’ve been watching and reading from afar as I worked steadily on my wrap. Everything was going great until I got ready to knit the tiers on the left side. (right side looks fabulous!) As I started placing my markers I realized I somehow have too many stitches! (118) and I think I should have 112 (am I right?) I have NO idea what to do! If I decrease periodically to get the right count it will probably mess up the look of the shells. right? Maybe I could figure out where to make the decreases. Should there be 7 stitches on either side of those funcky looking places we made when we did the “foundation shell row?” Does this make any sense? Any suggestions?


And you had the correct number for the right side? I’m wondering how you got the extras stitches there, likely from working one too many short rows a couple of times, maybe 3 times on the left, so you have 6 extra stitches.
I’m trying to figure out how to hide the extras without decreasing, because you don’t want to do that. Where are your “low points” in your short row set up? Are they 14 stitches away from each other? Your shells have to follow the pattern those make, so tell me what the spacing across the left side looks like. It should be 7, 14, 14, 14, 14, 14, 14, 14, 7. We’ll go from there once I know how your stitches are spaced.


This is a puzzle! And it sounds like a big mess. From the center, it looks more like: 14, 14, 15, 15, 15, 15, 15, 15. No group of 7 before a “low point” on either end. But I didn’t have that on the right side either, so it matches up with the right side, except for the extra stitch in some of the groups. It looks like the extra stitch is right at the low point. Couldn’t I just work them together with the next stitch when I come to them? After the first tier, I should be right.



oh, that’s right, I should have said “high point” since that is the one that is 7 stitches from the end.


Yes, I guess working the two stitches together at the low point will work and disguise the extra stitch best. You need even stitch counts in the units for the short row pattern to work out.


If it helps, although I had the correct number of stitches at the point where you’re at, when I knit the left side I stopped using markers as I “knew” the pattern so well " (famous last words). Well, on the fifth tier I got to the last shell and only had five stitches, gasp! Even though I thought that I had religiously counted the number of stitches at the end of a shell to verify that I had fourteen stitches, about halfway across I had a shell,with 16 stitches. I didn’t want to undo everything back to that point so I did two make one lefts on that last shell and when I knit across the entire row in the way back I knit 2 together at the beginning and end of the 16 stitch shell. Somehow it all worked, it all looks fine and I’ve received nothing but compliments on this shawl even though I look at it with a critical eye and think that I could have done better. Those shells are captivating and I think hide any small faux pas along the way. Great pattern Julia! (But I really want a pullover sweater pattern of these shells, hint, hint.)


I’m going to try it and hope for the best. Thanks for your support! Will report back once I can tell what’s happening. LOVE the pattern and really love the patina colors too! Fingers crossed that once it is finished and wrapped around my neck, no one will be the wiser.


Thanks Nanci! I am hopeful that when it is all said and done and wrapped around my neck, it will be okay!


I’m on the 3rd tier of shells (scallops? wedges?) on the right side. I might be too late for this tip but I left my center marker in until after I finished the first tier of shells (scallops? wedges?) to make sure I ended up using all the right side stitches and had only left side stitches left unworked. Only then did I remove that center marker and put my left stitches onto a 2nd circular needle. I also dropped the flat brown (Carob I think its name is) and used my Lichen and Lace Pressed Flowers instead. When I finish this tier I’ll try to get a picture. Can’t make any guarantees about the picture quality as in my area we’re having *clouds, clouds, clouds, rain, clouds broken up by a brief flash of sun, clouds, rep from *.
P.S. Loving the Lichen and Lace shells. It adds just that extra oompf to the Lavender pop of color.