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The Giftalong: A Knitalong for the Holidays

Read all about it at “A Knitalong is Coming,” Kay’s call to action. Needles up on Monday, November 14. This is the place to hang out in search of a) ideas, b) encouragement, c) cheerful opinion delivered with luv, and d) a chance to show your work. We’ll knit until December 24, at which point we’ll collapse in a fog of eggnog and peppermints.



It’s Kay. Please pass the egg nog. Actually make mine gin.

I’m not sure this reply improves the conversation in some way, but please take it with all the love in my heart.



Awesome count me in!

I am so there! Just about to go yarn shopping for the perfect yarns to make matching hat and mittens for my four-year old grandson. My first KAL!


You made it in, Judy!

I don’t know what that “closed” stuff refers to–but it doesn’t refer to the knitalong!

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I am totally in. I’ve gotten a few things going already but have been sidelined by babies.


I’m in and looking forward to it! Making pair of mitts for my sister. this will be fun!

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You guys, I really need some motivational help. I don’t have specific holiday knitting, but I have a whole pile of promised knitting that I need to make progress on, I think this Winter is the best time to do it! Here’s my list;

  • A pair of colorwork gingham socks - these are a year old, I got through the leg and heel turn on the first one and discovered they’re not stretchy enough and are too tight - have to frog. Totally demoralized!

  • A pair of plain ribbed socks for my 12 year old out of yarn I spun - fun!! This may lead to more socks for both kids, if I can get my sock gauge mojo back (can’t seem to knit tight enough)

  • An intarsia striped scarf inspired by the paintings of Sol LeWitt

  • A double knit scarf with the One Ring inscription

  • Lopi for hubby

  • Allover colorwork pullover for older son

  • Stripey pullover for younger son

  • 3 baby blankets!!!

AMENDED - Just got asked by my adult nephew for a Batman balaclava for the winter.


@Jenrsmall - That list seems absolutely reasonable to me. Of course, I live in the land of technicolour dreams, but I will be rooting for you to get through it all :slight_smile:


Thank you! I think what I’ll need to do is have a “hard” and an “easy” project going all the time - those log cabin baby blankets can take the edge off the colorwork…


I am deep into holiday knitting. I have so many people to knit for that if I didn’t start sooner there would be several with no gifts. This year, I told my family that they would only get a knitted gift if they specifically asked for one. So far, I have done the following:
1 pair of flip-top mittens for my 6 year old granddaugther
1 hat for my soon to be son-in-law
1 yellow mermaid tail blanket for my 12 year old granddaughter
1 hat for a dear friend
on the needles in a shawl for my soon to be married daughter
Waiting to begin ar
1 pair of flip top mittens
1 hogwarts scarf
I am anxious to get these things done so that I can deal with the projects that are talking to me as they sit nearby in their sorted bags.


I did a rather long blog post just yesterday about all the projects I have in my rather overflowing WIP bag. I think that I should aim to start/finish a few of them as part of this knitalong! So I’m in too!


Excellent idea for that extra motivation to turn my pile of dishcloth cotton into dishcloths. Need about 30 for my sister to have as part of her Chrissie gifts for her carers and home visiting nurses. The other part of the pressie is a generous handful of nice choccies, then all wrapped up in colourful cellophane and placed in a large bowl for each of these wonderful people to have a lucky dip.
I stick to the one travelling slipstitch pattern that I can literally now knit with my eyes closed, but use lots of different colours.
Have got 13 done, so only 17 to go!
Progress editing: Now 14 done, 16 to go. Yay, halfway at the official start of the KAL, 15 down / 15 to go.


I’m in! I kick off my annual holiday making frenzy on [Craft Friday] --I’m figuring out my listylist now! (


I’m in. I’ve got some done, but am so far behind. I started out with wanting to make 3 things per person. 2 weeks ago, I pared it down to one apiece. Now I’m just hoping to get something for each kid. Sigh…


I’m in too if only to try to clear up some almost finished things originally destined for what the Yarn Harlot calls “the long-range planning box” or what I call “Just in Case I need something for someone quick box”. Made a pair of mitts from your new Knitstrip pattern (went really quick) and have another on the needles (1st mitt, 2nd pair). Happy end of the presidential campaign (aka presidential squabble).


Have 3 items on needles right now – fingerless gloves for my stepdaughter and her boyfriend and a poncho for my niece and some more to get started!


I am due to make two hiking hats in fair isle, and one bumbe bee hat. We shall see! #full time job and #caring for special needs daughter and #prepping for upcoming art show. Eeek


Ooh, I’m so in for this, and excited, too!

I’m still in the point where my list is growing, in the “I could make this for so-and-so, and this and this for someone else, and I’ll make this…” I’ll probably come to my senses and start to pare down around the first week of December. But, for now, boundless optimism!