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The Giftalong: A Knitalong for the Holidays

I’m actually starting to wonder if I’ve been getting up in my sleep and posting on here as Daisy Levy. We have the same ridiculous/brilliant approach to Project Management.


That is such a sweet thing to hear! I have fond memories of The Summer of Mitered Hanging Towels, and Cristina cooking up the pattern, and trying to find a sunny but not shadowy/glare-y spot in the house to photograph them for the book…they are still favorite items because they make me think of my grandma. She always had a similar towel buttoned onto her stove. I don’t think she ever used them–just for decoration, because somebody gave them to her, I think.


I’m in. I just finished winding balls of Malabrigo yarn for the first gift - the Jayne hat. I can not believe my hubs actually requested it. After 33 years together he can still surprise the heck out of me. So I am all in for the fun, zaniness of a Jayne. Then I need to knit a pair of fingerless mitts, pattern undecided, for my son’s girlfriend. And lastly, a pair of slippers for my mom, Again, no idea what pattern or yarn yet.

I look forward to casting on tomorrow and coming to sit for a spell in this funky little Lounge. Thanks for the invite and hosting.


T’was the night before Giftalong and all through the house,
I’ve been tootling around Ravelry, using my mouse.
The patterns and needles are stacked up with care,
In hopes we can do this without losing our hair.

The stash has been tossed and lists have been written,
The yarn has been wound to the delight of the kitten.
With Ann at the ready and Kay as our muse,
We’re ready to knit, we have nothing to lose.

When up in The Lounge there arouse such a clatter,
I put down my wine to see what was the matter.
When what to my wondering eyes should appear,
The knitters are massing, it’s that time of year.

Now Mittens, now hats, now scarves and cute socks,
On cowls and dishcloths, on patterns that rock.
To the local yarn shop,
To the websites we hop,
Now knit away, knit away, knit away all!

Dinner’s been cooked, the laundry is done,
Tomorrow we start and it’s going to be fun.
We’ll all do our best and we’ll post what we’ve knit,
We’ll fix our mistakes without having a fit.

As the sun starts to settle, and we all snuggle in,
Tomorrow we’ll start and I hope we all win.
We’ll all be together which will shine a great light,
Merry Giftalong to all and to all a good night.


Yesssss! Let’s make teeshirts.

You are a gifted giftalonger, kjt1211! I’m in just to see if you post any more poetry.


I love this so much, Karen. (This is Karen, right?) I hope you don’t mind if I link to it in tomorrow’s article launching the Giftalong.

Just wonderful!


What a wonderful poem! That has given me a broad grin this morning. Thank you. :slight_smile: :heart_eyes:

Can I join even though I’m half way through my gift list? I started in August, when I knit my sister a gathered blouse by Katya Frankel, and a Rain, Rain, Go Away hat by Laura Reid back, and my Mum has got a Sweet Disposition Cardigan by Daniele Polton, and a Lucy Hat by Carina Spencer. I am also most of the way through a fox cushion by Amanda Berry for my niece, a Mon Amy Breton top by von Hinter Stein for my boyfriend’s mum (this is the one giving me nightmares), and most of the way through a delikat lace collar by S(?) Ohman for my sister in law. Almost all of them need finishing of some kind though.

Still on the list are an imp emoji cushion for my nephew (I question his sanity) and a hair snood for my sister in law. And then I need to knit something for a baby yet to be born. Some ideas of something small and simple would be most appreciated, though luckily this can wait till the new year!

And I have to fight the urge to hunt through Raveley for a pattern for the 800 yards of silk fingering yarn I know my mum has bought me for Christmas!


I’m in and a bit terrified. I feel like I am running around flailing my needles in the air.
Need to knit for husband, 2 sons, neighbours little boy and mum. I know what I’m going to knit but instead of focussing on one project I seem to have cast them all on and am flitting from one to the other.


I don’t know why, but I find the MDK knitalongs so much more motivating than others I’ve joined. I think it’s the flexibility of the way they’re set up. Thank you Ann and Kay for providing another motivator!

This year I have a bunch of gifts, some already done.

  • Socks, socks and more socks, for friends and for my partner. The partner-socks have been languishing on the needles since before February and really need to get done by the end of the year. It’s getting silly.

  • Hat and cowl set for Cousin Rob. Using Jasper Hat and Cowl that a knitterly friend designed. Perfect style for the recipient and learning mosaic knitting was so interesting! I finished the knitting last night but it will need some serious blocking.

  • Inspired by the chunky double-layer of wool/alpaca, partner decided he wanted one too so that’s on the list.

  • I also have to knit a gossamer cowl object for Cousin Amy (don’t want Rob’s sister to feel left out) - must say I’m not looking forward to so much lace weight yarn but I think the finished object will be worth the fiddlyness.

  • I also need to wash, block and pom-pom a Baa-ble hat for Kate, not necessarily a holiday project but at this rate it might as well have been.

So that’s 7 projects for 6 people. Still very doable since I have basically 2.5 items to go and a lot of blocking. Good luck and have fun out there everyone!


Surely that should be mug cosies and hot chocolate?

Absolutely love this! I am so in awe of people like you who can write. How I dreaded those poetry assignments in English class. Well done!

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In what I see as a fortunate development, there’s no one in my family who actually needs anything I must knit. They already have many many handknit Fair Isle hats and gloves. Some now winter where a hat would be ridiculously hot.

So I am taking a year off gift-knitting and looking forward to making more progress on the 3 sweaters that await me in different parts of the house (My knitting organization is location-based and I try to stay cool about how long it takes to finish something.)

Nonetheless just to stay in the spirit I am drawn to keep my hand in with little somethings.

(1) For some reason the idea of various sizes of gift bags with Nordic designs has become an obsession. I’ve assembled a few patterns and red green and white stash and am about to make a 3rd start on getting the diameter I hope for. Trying not to get sucked in by ornament patterns because everyone in the family has too many already.

(2) Also planning to make sets of acrylic “sponges” which I’ve found really practical for hand-washing dishes, again from stash in varying bright colors. Probably use a reduced ball band (cut it down to about 3 x 4 and knit with a tight gauge) and log cabin mini-squares in bright colors.

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I’m making Monteagle-ish string totes to use in place of wrapping paper. 2 gifts in one. Yeah, you can see through it. I know I could use tissue paper inside but am trying to hug those trees. It’s still a good idea right? :thinking:


My plan is tiny and should be totally do-able, but I’m lacking focus and haven’t picked up needles in - oh, let’s see - six days. But I want to send an 1898 Hat (pattern by Kristine Byrnes for The Seamen’s Church Institute Christmas at Sea program) as a surprise to a twitterpal in England. I already have some good ol’ Cascade 220 on hand, which I’ve used for the two 1898’s made so far (here’s one). And they are so much FUN to knit - the self-shaping ear-hugger is a laugh a minute! My only “thing” is trying to decide about whether casting on with scrap yarn will allow me to graft the end to the beginning instead of stitching it together. My grafting experience is sock toes, where you’re grafting the “tops” of all the stitches together. This would be grafting “tops” to “bottoms.” (Sorry for all this technojargon.) Anyway, can a more widely-experienced grafter let me know if this will work? Thanks very much.


This is perfect!!! Bravo and well written! :smiley:

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Excellent Idea. I love my Monteagle-ish bag. It’s full of yarn right now…

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That’s a great hat, and what a kind gift idea!
I think that casting on with (contrast colored) scrap yarn will offer this advantage - you will have a visual of how to sew. You’d be picking the stitches out one at a time, and I’d be fairly methodical : old stitch out, new one in, across the ready-to-be-live stitches. Do leave that 20" tail when you join the working yarn to the scrap cast on.

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Now that seems like a perfectly reasonable first step.