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The Giftalong: A Knitalong for the Holidays


Glad it isn’t just me. I lost the stitch marker for the beginning of the round on the second sleeve which made I simply had to find the increases and fun my finger along the line of stitches to put a new marker in. But it was such a bonehead move that I got myself in a snit. For the record, my snit’s rarely work out well for me. Finally took the 14 seconds I needed to fix it, got all the tubes put together and did a few rounds and now I found a stitch that I slipped on one row. Snit number two! Do I try to fix it? Or do I do the whole “can you see it from the back of a galloping horse.” I think the horse would just look at me like I had 10 heads and say “You’re asking me to gallop for that? You’ve got to be joking woman. Get me some oats and move on, honey.”


Love this pattern. And yes, Kay, it is very reminiscent of the Honey Cowl that you got me hooked on. I made almost a whole one of these once and then decided that I loved the pattern and loved the yarn but hated them together.


Love these. The pattern is elegant and the yarn is gorgeous.


What a great idea! My kids loved “The Stocking” when they were little.


Gorgeous, gorgeous color! Love it and the pattern.


A pair of fingerless mitts, made up as I went along. These will go to Knit for Peace, in the hope that they will warm someone.


I love this! Currently I have O.W.L. Mittens going in red and gold for my 11 year old. I finished a garter stitch scarf in Red Heart “Blacklight” for my 5 year old (she picked that out, it needed to have EVERY color). I have the yarn for my 8 year old’s Lydia scarf. These are my only knitted gifts this year, I have Frost at Midnight with two arms begging to be finished.


Another Churchmouse Before and After (with the cowl-conversion modification) gradient cowl to go under the tree. This Giftalong is the Best Thing Ever! And now I get to download the Stripes ebook, so I can get going on Squad Mitts. It’s a win-win-win! Accountability partners, activate!


Simple Skyp Socks for the tween, all over but the grafting, weaving-in, and blocking! Now I can cast on some Squad Mitts!


All right. I think I am over my post election slump. I may be able to finish My husbands hat now. Poor guy. He is so patient. I have made a couple of small ornaments. I did one of the “Never Fail” ornaments and will felt it in the next hot wash. And one little Gnome. These were for fun. Now I can get serious and cable.
Happy Thanksgiving everyone.


I just finished two of these hats, Peace Fleece Pattern and PF worsted yarn from stash. Easily completed in a week for both. One was already “gifted” to my teenage son, ie, he just plopped it on his head and is still wearing it! The details are on ravelry, Adult Tribal Mountain Hat, my page is mbknits. Peace out everyone!


What lovely yarns! And you’re making me want to make a hat–the tops of these are so great. Wishing you a warm and peaceful Thanksgiving.


Love those colors! Way to go, Robyn!


The darling girl child chose the colours. It’s a holiday tradition (summer holiday, that is), that she gets to pick colourways and yarns (she has inherited my love of yarn-petting, though hasn’t yet had the bandwidth to start knitting. College apps are killing our free time) for ‘potential Christmas gifts’, when we travel. We routinely stop at yarn stores (we have the menfolk well trained) on road trips.


Robyn I don’t think you will have trouble finding the holiday interweave
knits. I saw it at Michael’s last week. Good luck with the stockings. They
are fun to make.


Haha! You are an enabler!
Thanks. :smile:


Did I pack too much? We drove from Yonkers to Vermont yesterday which you would think would be four hours of good knitting time. Except I am the world’s worst passenger so it is much more pleasant for everyone involved if I drive. We had a few hours this morning so I knit on that little sock in the tiny LL Bean bag (how cute is that) but it can’t go to dinner because the recipient will be there. So maybe–just maybe–that red hat will get finished as will the white mitten. Everything else is emergency yarn. What if we get snowed in!! (Not likely.) What if I lose a project!! (Even less likely.) What if we’re taken by aliens!! (I’ll have bigger problems than no knitting but at least I have enough with me so I can teach the aliens a new skill.) The two magazines are new–mark your knitting map, the grocery store in Londonderry, VT sells wine and knitting magazines–and the mostly hidden book is an Estonian Lace book that I am obsessed with. One of my Yonkers cops brought it back from Estonia for me. Did I mention that there’s a ball of lace weight alpaca and a fabulous Honey Cowl in the car?


This is hilarious! (And I hear you on the ‘I’m a better driver than passenger’. My whole family would agree). That is a fine pile of emergency knitting. May your down time be expansive, and may many things reach completion in your knitting pile. Happy Thanksgiving!


Brotherman wants a hat! I’m thinking of this one – – in some (discontinued) Classic Elite Wynter from the stash …


so here’s an in progress cowl that’s doubling in a MKAL for the Gilmore Girls reunion. I have no idea how this is going to turn into a cowl, to be honest, but it’s kewl. i’m just rolling with it, and using up some stash, to boot.