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The Giftalong: A Knitalong for the Holidays


It’s a Giftalong Miracle. Last night my niece asked me to make her something very specific for Christmas and it is exactly what I’ve already made her! The parts were done a while ago–just needs a good wash and a few stitches to put it together. This is even better because this is the person who usually gets her gift still on the needles every year. I had to go ahead and tell her that it was done already because we are going to Six Loose Ladies in Chester, VT today and she was going to buy the yarn for it.

It’s a very simple, bulky cowl. Two strips of garter stitch one a little longer than the other linked together. Made from some Tahki Baby that has been roaming around the stash for a while.


My gift-a-long plans have been hijacked by The Sample That Will Not End (still not sure what insanity convinced me that a sample knit for a full pi shawl was a good idea during Christmas Knitting Season). I may have time to join in if the emergency yarn doesn’t arrive before the current (and last) ball runs out. I’ve been enjoying everyone else’s knitting fun.


Oh gosh, these are gorgeous. I dislike the color pink but these are special…


Love this thread! I am on my second pair of “Maine Morning Mitts” - a perfect pattern from Clara Parkes for fingerless gloves.

They fall off the needles. The pattern is perfection. I’m on my second pair. The pattern calls for worsted weight but I’m using bulky with a size 6 needle - following the pattern as written and it works out perfectly.

Those fingerless gloves are still in vogue because of texting - so that is good. It’s easy to make into a pair of mitts if needed.

I have the yarn to make two more pairs!

Also - trying to make a sweater for my mom from a pattern I found in my grandmother’s pile of knitting/crochet stuff. Old pattern and fun to knit but I’m not sure I’m going to get it done in this busy month! (why didn’t I do it over the summer??!!)


Nell has a new hat pattern called 96–free today and maybe through the weekend? I love the texture and the unisex aspect of it.


What the EVERLOVING… frick?
I bought the Interweave Knits Holiday 2016 magazine, all excited to knit fun stuff, only to see, once I’ve got to the car, that it’s the “ABRIDGED” edition?
And at the next store, I see that there’s a “DELUXE” edition…?
And somewhere between the first and second editions there are 4 patterns that mysteriously vanish?
(I wouldn’t be so flustered, if I hadn’t paid full price for the ‘abridged’ edition at Michaels, only to see the “Deluxe” edition at Barnes and Noble for 30% off)
Has Interweave Press ALWAYS made multiple versions of their pattern magazines?


Love the hat! I would definitely wear it, and I think it would work well for most of the men in my life. Thanks for the tip!


I did notice that the Interweave Holiday Knits I have is marked abridged. I
assumed it was much smaller than the regular holiday magazine but was
probably for considerably less money. In the past I have seen their holiday
magazine for a lot more than the normal ones but they were huge.


The abridged edition (that I bought for $9.99) has 19 patterns.
The deluxe edition (that retails for $14.99, and was at B&N for 30% off today, so nearly the same price) has 23 patterns, including the Shetland Shawl, which was one of the reasons to buy the magazine in the first place. Le sigh. My fault for trying to grab it in a rush without paging through it first.


I’ve had gift-creep! My sister in law had announced a baby shower on December 17. I’ve been telling myself I have Done Enough with everyone’s Christmas gifts, but still, yikes!


Here is a great gifty project that you can make from 2 skeins of kureyon plus one accent skein, plus it’s a free pattern on ravelry, so I made the whole thing for no cost. I am putting it on the gift pile for now, but I kinda want to keep it! Pattern: Noro Woven Stitch Shawl


Gift pile so far! :blush:


Peace Fleece! I had completely forgotten about this yarn. Is it still being produced? It was made from Russian sheep or something, if I recall correctly. always wanted to do something with it, it looks so lovely.


There is nothing like half linen stitch (the one this shawl is knit in) for blending colors; I am making a half linen stitch scarf for a holiday gift myself. Goes quickly and magically takes half as much effort on the front. Thanks for sharing this one.


The only thing that I have to finish is this guy:

It may not look like much, but don’t ask for how long he’s been lying here in this state. It’s just a huge PITA to assemble, to me at least. Quite obviously I’m not a natural born toy maker and should stick to blankets and socks.


I typically knit quite a few things, starting in July. I think I am behind this year.

3 pair of socks
1 shawl
4 “windschief” hats

On the needles:
1 child’s hat
1 pair of socks half done

Not started yet:
4 sets Squad mitts
1 honey cowl
I amigurumi project
2 tiny felted toys

It’s not looking good. Last year I had 16 finished gifts, but last Christmas I got a beautiful new iPad that has been monopolizing my time.


I also start knitting early (August) have a list like yours:

3 children’s vests
1 women’s sweater (plain pullover with colourwork yoke)
3 cowls
1 worsted-weight lace shawl
1 cabled hat
1 princess crown
1 beaded bracelet

On needles:
2 pair fingerless mitts (1 pair cabled & 1 pair colourwork)
1 bulky-weight cowl

Not started yet:
2 hats for which I have yarn but no pattern chosen
1 pair slippers for which I have a pattern but may not have yarn (the jury is out as to whether what I have is suitable or if I need to hit the LYS one more time)

Not really a gift but:
2 pair Christmas socks – I bought red/white/green self striping yarn for my daughter and I two years ago but didn’t get the socks knit for either Christmas. This year I decided they needed contrast heels/toes so I could tell mine from hers and bought a ball of green and a ball of red to match. Still haven’t cast on the socks.


I’m impressed! Next year I’m starting in January and making a plan! November is too late!


Robyn this happened to me too and I was pissed. Very misleading on Interweave’s part. Most people are very visual when it comes to media and the covers are so dissimilar. I never even noticed the little banner in the corner.


In case I don’t get the Breton Cowl (cast on last night) finished by xmas, I bought some Malabrigo Mecha today for a 2x2 cowl: It’s going to be super quick.