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The Giftalong: A Knitalong for the Holidays


I don’t like pink very much either, rarely knit with it, but my stepdaughter loves it…and I actually had fun with these.


This has been a sizzling hot discussion topic on the Interweave board in Ravelry forums.

It happened last year, followed by many irritated protests, but here it is again this year.


That is beautiful. The colors!!!


Imperial Stout Mitts Done! Dynamic Duo Reversible gloves almost halfway complete.


Wow, this is so cute!!!


That is a long completed list. You are way ahead of me. I have 4 hats to make, and I have completed 1 and I have until December 19 to finish the other 3. Hope you will get to your Christmas socks this year.


Nice hat. I may have to use that pattern for my gift knitting.


I like them. I have trouble knitting mitts like socks. I finished one and cannot motivate myself to start on the second one.


This is why I knit socks and mitts two at a time. I knit the cuff of one, then the cuff of the other, leg or wrist of one, leg/wrist of the other. Since I prefer DPNs that means buying two sets of needles but you could do the same thing on two circulars or even the magic-loop-two-at-a-time thing.


You’re doing great! I am not a very fast knitter, which is usually no big deal but awful on deadline!


Maybe we not a wrap skirt, but a full circle skirt based on a pi shawl? Find a pattern you like, remembering you’ll only be using the very centre of the shawl, what with it fitting a five year old and using chunky yarn, then swatch the first repeat of the pattern, work out how many repeats will be needed to fit her waist (maybe think about doing an extra one and adding a waist band with elastic through it for growing room?) then knit the pattern as long as you want it, then bind off with an elastic bind off. Or just use the increase number/row requirements for a pi shawl and just use a simple stitch pattern to make the skirt. Looks wonderful with a tutu petticoat underneath, which experience tells me small girls love! May be making myself one next year…


You should definitely finish it. This bunny is too cute not to live.
At the moment, it looks a little like a biology lesson gone sadly wrong, despite the delightful smile on the bunny’s face.
You can do it.


I knitted a pair of the Maine mitts for a good friend who has five dogs, so lots of dog walking at the beach in winter. One of the dogs is very keen on ball chasing, and one enthusiastic ball throw had the mitt slip off her hand and follow the ball into the sea. Luckily, one of the other dogs braved the chilly waves to retrieve it for her. Hope to have time to knit another pair for her this year and will use a smaller size needles - her family, sans dogs - are joining us for Christmas lunch, so could well be finishing them over the pudding!
Edited to add pattern link.


I finished this hat for my dad, who has waited over 60 years to see the Cubs win the World Series!
Now to tackle the hot mess that is the inside. . .


And this is the reason that I hate colorwork.


So cool! The weavyness of it all!


If you leave the ends, this hat has improved insulating properties just sayin . . . :wink:


THanks. I thought it was just me. Glad that I’m not the only one that got surprised by this.


Yes! Tell him it’s a thrummed hat. To keep his head warmer.


Maybe a bit late to the game, but I’m in. I don’t usually knit for the holidays, but my son’s girlfriend is very knit-worthy so I now have a willing v̶i̶c̶t̶i̶m̶ recipient. She loves elephants so she’s getting an hat. With the leftover colors, I’ve decided to knit a hat for my son, who up to now has never worn anything I’ve knit. We’ll have to wait and see how that goes.

Since I’m not on Instagram, I’ve added the #mdkgiftalong hashtag to my rav projects. I hope that works. Ravatar: CarolLynn.