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The Giftalong: A Knitalong for the Holidays


Guys, this Knitalong is the BEST thing ever for me. I can’t finish stuff if I don’t have accountability. This may be the year that I actually get everything knit and finished and blocked, and wrapped and actually GIVEN. Kisses all around! And here’s a BLT (in Knitting Fever’s Painted Desert) going in for a bath before getting blocked last night. Maybe now, my BFF can stop making broad hints about how her gift socks are starting to get threadbare. :slight_smile:


Oh, brilliant! I’d been thinking of modifying a shawl somehow, but couldn’t figure out how that would work. I’ll definitely post updates with pictures when I finish swatching and cast on. Thank you!


BLT? Can’t quite figure it out!


Thanks. Gift knitting has stalled right now as I’m trying to complete a sample knit for someone. However, as I’ve got less than 15g left and the additional yarn support has not arrived yet, I see a window of opportunity for gift knitting beginning tomorrow after work. Hopefully I can get a couple more marked off the list before I go back to the sample.

I think you’ll be fine with your list too. I hear the Squad mitts are addicting and go fast. I’ve knit a honey cowl so I know it will almost knit itself if you have something good to watch or listen to.


Added these mittens to my gift pile! I made these Warmest Mittens yesterday using leftovers from my October Frost

I used smaller needles that the pattern called for because the recipient has teeny hands and I wanted them to be dense and warm!


just for fun, here’s the finished kewl cowl. it was super fun to knit, quick quick quick, and so squishy soft in malabrigo merino worsted. started a shawl last night- architexture. has anyone done this? it seems both mindless, and intriguing, simultaneously, which if i’m honest, i’m really interested in these days.


Nice work! And thanks for mentioning the Architexture pattern - I wasn’t familiar with it, but I’m a sucker for reversible shawls (or anything that’s going to be wrapped and styled so that the wrong side is showing). That’s now in my Rav library.


I honestly think that very thought every single time I do colorwork, because I hate dealing with all those loose ends SO MUCH! :laughing:


so far, it’s a breeze. fingering yarn, so it will take a while, i’m thinking, but it’s a nice change for my brain - no color changes, no cables. just knit purl knit knit, whatever is next. :slight_smile:


Hi Naran, I’ve never had that problem…not sure why because I have about 10 knitting projects going at all times! Have you ever tried magic loop – two at a time socks?


Just realized that I have to have something finished to ship to Colorado. So dropped the Dynamic Duo Reversible Mitts and am working on the Dragon Hide Mitts with Madeline Tosh DK – one down, one to go.


Bunny is very cute, but I feel your pain. I knit one toy – and can’t get around to embroidering the face…2 years later it’s still faceless on the shelf.


Haha, this is making me feel so much better…I took two projects with me on Thanksgiving day – but ended up being the driver. ARGH, so much lost knitting time!


I’m sorry I’m sorry I’m sorry! Work has exploded and I have not had time to figure out how to post the pattern. Maybe this week. They really don’t take long to make so you should still have time. :evergreen_tree:


These are so wonderful! So simple and cozy. Way to go!


Such pretty color shifts, and the stitch pattern breaks it up in a lovely


Oh! I’d forgotten that pattern and am looking for “table favor” knitting for Christmas day. Perfect wrapped around a wooden spoon. Thanks for the reminder.


Does crocheting count? I bought a copy of the folktale “The Mitten” to give to my grandkids and am in the process of crocheting amigurumi animals to go along with the story. I’ll knit a big white mitten once I see how much room is needed. I’ve got 5 done–owl, mole, fox, hedgehog, and mouse–the bear is 3/4 done, still need to make the badger and rabbit. It’s fiddly but I’m having so much fun.


Thank you so much for the Dashing suggestion and your mods. This looks like
the perfect choice for my recipient. Now to choose a yarn from my stash.
Thanks again!

Take care,


Basic Little Triangle Shawl.