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The Giftalong: A Knitalong for the Holidays


The faces! So great.


I am loving this gift along mentality–just using up yarn I love has been a release for me!

So far, I’ve done the North Shore Hat in a baby size, the Cupido Cowl, the Soda Shoppe Bonnet, Kit’s Christmas Cape (for an American Girl doll named Grace), a Foliage hat for a sweet girl suffering from bullying, and just this morning, due to insane insomnia, I just finished Barley in a child size that will allow for puffy hairstyles.

I have more of the yarn used for the Soda Shoppe Bonnet and the Barley–might make another Barley in a smaller size for a pair of sisters I kinda-sorta know.

And I have more of the yarn used for the Cape–might try to squeak out a skirt from the same yarn.

Yay for using up pretty yarn. Boo for having insomnia–multiple almost all-nighters over the course of the last few weeks and one actual all-nighter. Yawn!


I made this baby elephant scarf for my youngest niece (pattern from “knitted animal scarves, mitts, and socks” by Fiona Gable.) After fighting to get the face just right, I sewed the dang thing to the wrong side of the scarf. I wasn’t about to unpick 100’s of tiny stitches, so it will just have to be a backwards scarf.

I truly adore the sweet little tail, though :slight_smile:


Oh great, enjoy! Looks like I’m doing a pair of Dashings too as part of my gifting… and maybe a pair for me too!


Harold stepped outside the back of the bakery for a bit of air. Catching a glimpse of himself in a nearby window, he thought how festive he looked in his new jumper. Aunt Dorie knit her favorite nephew Harold a new pullover every year, usually of the serviceable but dull variety. Practical jumpers of dun colored wool with perhaps a stripe of navy or mouse gray at the neck and cuffs were her specialty.

But this year – this year! – was different. Aunt Dorie had fitted Harold up with a proper sweater for his role as Official Tree Lighter for the annual village ceremony. A great honor, Harold had been chosen this year to recognize his service as the village baker, which everyone knew was a Most Important Position.

Absentmindedly munching on a cookie, Harold thought about the speech he would give at the ceremony and wondered how he might work in the names of several of his favorite treats…

Harold Fatmus


I have on my finished pile (including ends worked in) a chemo cap for local charity giving, another scarf (#3) also for charity giving, another pair of fingerless mitts (from the first Knitstrip pattern). On needles scarves (don’t ask how many, I don’t know), another chemo cap with only a couple inches to go and another Knitstrip mitt (that is the start of pair #3). Thanks all, the cheering each other on helps keep me going on my WIP pile before it turns into an avalanche.


Oh my goodness, this little guy is adorable!


Harold is very festive in his finery.


I am working on my stocking from Scandinavian Christmas Stockings. I just finished the letters and then ripped them out. I recall doing this for the one I made last year for DGS #1, Lucas. Sometimes you just have to do it over. Here is the cuff

The letters will be black on gray. And then a sprinkling of reindeer.
This one is for DGS#2, Clarkie.


Harold is adorable! I have to admit, that’s a pattern that I would have passed by until I saw it in the colors that you chose. Now it’s in my Ravelry queue.


Referring to post 274ish, the inside is now tidy! Over the course of knitting this hat, I’ve learned that people have incredibly strong feelings pertaining to pompoms on hats. This is for my dad, who is totally a pompom kind of guy, and I’m really happy with it. We had to put it to a family vote, though (minus my dad since it’s a surprise) and I was shocked at how passionately people either did or did not like pompoms. Ultimately, however, it comes down to the recipient, and I know he’ll love it.


I promise that no one can tell but you! :blush:
It’s adorable!!!


Thanks for saying so :slight_smile:


OMG! Do I have time to knit one of these?? No! but… I might have to!


I’ve done Architexture. Take a look at my Ravelry page for some tips; I’m MayasMom. Just gave it to the intended recipient – my stepdaughter the 6’ tall architect – for her October 3 birthday, which was interrupted by her grandmother’s death (my mother in law). Here’s a photo of her wearing it:


That hat is awesome! Love the baseball shape.


oh lovely! that’s so grand. now i’m super inspired to get mine done. it’s in this yummy mossy green that i think will be like being wrapped up in a meadow. :slight_smile:


How are you dealing with the 3 center stitches in terms of the grafting?


I just received an email from Mom. She announced that as much as she appreciates the cowls I have knit her now that the weather has turned cold, she does not need any more, thank you very much. What she wants this year is not the flip top mitts that I had planned to finish and finally give her, but wool socks. And not a pair, but PAIRS.

I am a speedy knitter, but to add 2-3 pair of socks to my to be knitted list is a bit much at this point. Luckily, a solution occurred to me.

I knit my daughter about 10 pair of socks when she was a college student in upstate New York. Because I needed to make multiple pair in a short amount of time, most were in sport or DK weight yarn, which turned out to be heavier than she liked. Many of the socks made their way back to our home post-graduation, where they have languished in the closet of her childhood bedroom (she moved out five years ago).

She wears the same size shoe as Mom, so I decided to make a reconnaissance mission. I found 3 pair that look and feel good, all of which have ribbing on the cuff and the instep (Mom insists she must have this for her skinny feet). Here is what I found:

If I have time, I can knit her a fourth pair in fingering weight.

Now I can get back to the other gifts :grinning:


Just like all the other stitches. It doesn’t show.