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The Giftalong: A Knitalong for the Holidays


But aren’t the slipped stitches just a big loop of yarn on one side that you are grafting? I am having such a glitchy time dealing with this, I just ripped out the whole thing to start again.


A Sanders Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Caramel to you for this great solution - and the luck of having a daughter and mom with the same shoe size.



I have to admit Harold grew on me. I thought from the pattern photo that he would be small - but he stands about 7 inches tall finished. The pattern called for fingering weight, but I used leftover sport weight and scraps of sport/dk on size 3 needles. The knitting itself doesn’t look very promising until you start stuffing him.

I keep all my small amounts of red, green, gold, and white leftovers in a zippered bag for holiday knits like ornaments. I call it my “Christmas bag.” Of course, any colors that mean holiday to you would work. I usually can rummage through there and come up with something appropriate.


It took 12 days but I am a very slow knitter, I blocked him after the body was done (2-3 days to dry), and that includes all the finishing: sewing on ears, stuffing, sewing body and bottom together, and safety eyes.


No, the slipped stitches are still stitches, so they’re still live, whole stitches.

Rather than overthinking it, I suggest you blindly follow the standard kitchener stitch method. Don’t think, just do. Then don’t look at it - put it away for a couple days. Then you can casually glance at it and see if you see a problem. HTH!


I wish there was a bigger LOVE button ~ I gasped audibly when I scrolled upon Harold! Mice are my “thing” lo these many decades since it was my late mother’s childhood nickname for me.


Thanks - I did a test graft as you suggested earlier and it worked out fine! But a different problem just got worse and worse so I ripped the whole thing out to do over. I’ve got to stop trying to knit with dark yarns! I love rich colors for accessories, but my eyes just aren’t up to dark yarn anymore, even with embiggening glasses and a lamp. Time for a destash, I think.


I love that Hamilknit hat! It’s just the thing i’d love to knit for myself… too bad I’m in the middle of the gift knitting swamp!


I’m on my third start now! First time I twisted the cast on; second time I forgot to change dominant yarn when switching background color from hem to body of hat (also decided my yarns were too different in weight, although both were fingering). Seem to be getting somewhere now…finally! :slight_smile: Lucky for me, this falls in the gift knitting swamp!


So far I’ve only been working on a gift for myself, even though my project list is super long. But knitting soft things has been a great comfort to me in the last few weeks. On the last section of a Capture Cowl, in Shibui Knits Maai and Silk Cloud. #sorrynotsorry


You’ve just added to my “need to knit” list, especially using such luscious yarns!


Love those colors!! What yarn did you use?


it’s mostly malabrigo merino worsted, with one wee bit tosh vintage. made it so squishy and wonderful to knit. :smile:


Most of my knitting lately has been trying to complete a test knit sweater. It is a complex cabled cardigan, so it is not suitable for tv knitting. Thus, I was able to finish one gift: a pair of socks for my youngest son. The big-footed child is in college in Ohio, which gets much colder than where we live (Silicon Valley). The pair I knit him last year were much appreciated, so time for another.

This is what they look like:

They are a bit more green in real life (I can’t seem to get decent color representation in the winter sunlight).


I’m with you on the toy making. I’m making one right now, forcing myself to power through. I have to say though that Susan B. Anderson’s toy patterns are genius. She manages to minimize the finishing. On this one the main knitting is only two pieces, plus a few little flat pieces that you applique on.


I finished my mother’s afghan and got it in the mail December 1st - she will be the first one in her nursing home to get an XMas present. This is only the first one. We don’t have the easiest relationship but she loves presents and I love to make them, so we get by. This afghan is not made from anything precious I hand dyed but it is homey and warm

. Here she is with my dog trying to get me to throw her a ball - why else would I be on the floor.


With apologies to Elisabeth Kubler-Ross.

The Five Stages of the Giftalong

DENIAL: An Alice Starmore sweater that has to be upsized to fit my “fluffy” friend. The 12 Days of Christmas through 12 pairs of socks. Fingerless gloves for all the girls at the grocery store (it gets cold working by the door!) A dog sweater for my sister’s Great Dane. A pretty little snowflake for each of my elementary and high school friends that I still keep in touch with on Facebook. It’s only December 4th–I’ve got this.

ANGER: Are you f-ing kidding me! What do you mean Joann’s isn’t open 24 hours a day. What is wrong with these people? I need more needles!!! Crap, the cat just got into the Starmore bag. The yarn’s so tangled that it looks like the upside down from Stranger Things. It’s got my glasses!!! It’s like Barb’s looking out at me. And whose bright idea was it to feed the cat. If you don’t feed her, she stays in the kitchen meowing by her bowl. Now she wants me to pet her. I am surrounded by incompetence.

BARGAINING: You drive. If you drive I can knit. And I swear I won’t say a word. If I use the imaginary brake you can cut my foot off. No really, I’m serious. Is it a deal? If you cook dinner, I’ll take care of the dishes (cue the strategically hidden paper plates–no one will notice that they say Happy Y2K.) Hey honey, why don’t you go out to watch the game. Yeah, I mean it. Go to that place on Central Avenue. You know, the one right next to Joann’s. And since you’ll be there already, could you run in and get me 12 sets of size 2 double points. No, really, go. Have a good time. I want you to go drink beer and watch football. Why don’t you call (fill in the name of another knitters partner) to go with you. Yeah, my treat!

DEPRESSION: I’ve ruined (fill in your holiday). I have no gifts for anyone. They all hate me. This is the worst (fill in your holiday) ever! They only really like me for the knitwear anyway. And I don’t blame them. I’m useless. I’m going to Walgreen’s and just buy everyone a can of Pringles and get this damn (fill in your holiday) behind me. Whaaaa!!!

ACCEPTANCE: Why yes, I will accept that huge glass of eggnog you are so kindly offering. Because you know what, everyone I’m knitting for knows that I love them. They’ve gotten finished gifts before. They’ve gotten gifts on the needles before. They’ve gotten a ball of yarn and a promise before. And they’ve loved them all because they know that this is my way of showing just how much I love them–one stitch at a time.

Happy, Merry, Joyful whatever it is you are knitting for right now. Be it sacred or secular, this truly is the most wonderful time of the year.


I’ve finished my gift knitting as of today! Granted, it was pretty short, just 2 hats, big still. I’m feeling pretty happy that they are done.

For my son’s girlfriend, who I love and not just because she’s so knit-worthy, the Elephant Park hat.

For my son, who’s getting his first knitted gift in years because he’s not so knit-worthy, but he’s still my son and I’m hoping the girlfriend will shame him into wearing it, the appropriately unisex Cabled Dad hat.


i fear it may be a while before i have any finished work to post again - trying to tackle some of these big bears of wips and it’s mostly just a game of “knit awhile, switch projects when bored, and knit awhile more.”

the good news is i picked up the socks that have been hibernating for 1+year and it was not as terrifying as I thought it would be. so, maybe i can’t actually get those dealt with.

knit on, friends.


I finished the christmas stocking for grandson Clarkie…Its form the book Scandinavian Christmas stockings by Mette Handberg. I made the same one for grandson Lucas last year.

It is fun to chart the letters. I realized after I did so -upside down and backward that I could have just done it right side up and turned the paper upside down afterward. It was a duh moment.


Oh, how lucky! Both you and your mom, but especially you. BTW, 3 is pair(s). Just in case you get pinched for time.