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The Giftalong: A Knitalong for the Holidays


So, as if I needed another thing on my gift knitting list, last night I cast on a hat for a friend’s son. It’s child size, so it shouldn’t take too long, but it will also have a double-knit Mario, so we’ll see how that goes. In other gift news, I finished one shawl, I’m on washcloth 5 of 10 or so, the last mitt of a set of mitts with a headband, and almost halfway through a big cowl. I still have to start a couple pairs of mittens.

Keep making progress!


My giftalong knitting got a boost this evening at choir practice. I only sing in a choir a few times a year, so it hadn’t occurred to me that this was prime knitting time. After all, there were four voice parts and I only sing one of them. When the other parts are bashing through the notes to learn them, I can switch off and knit away. The conductor works for me so I don’t think he’ll object!

Any other tactics for improving the amount of time available for knitting?


I’ve finished a few more items.

Jonna Cowl/Quince & Co. Chickadee/Bird’s Egg

Dragon Hide Mitts/Madeline Tosh DK/Dr Zhivago’s Sky
Almeda Gloves/Madeline Tosh DK/Cactus Flower

Just finished a Tunisian Crochet Washcloth then back to fingerless mitts. It’s December!


I love this color combo – it looks very cozy!


I knitted one dog ear last night. That’s all I knitted at home. (There was stoplight knitting, and lunchtime knitting at the office–of course! LOL)


Really brilliant colors on all these. So inspired!


Another gift off the needles!


So amazing! These are a) hilarious, b) beautiful knitting, and c)


Thanks! The pattern is “No Your Other Left” by Kirsten McTeer. It’s on Ravelry. We always tease my Aunt because she’s 56 and cannot tell her right from her left without stopping to think about it. I couldn’t not knit them for her.


I have the same problem as your Aunt (and so does my older son). I think we may both need these mitts (future Xmas!).


Too cute! I love them.


Is public transportation a part of your life? One can even knit standing up if necessary.


These are so awesome!!


You have no idea how happy this made me. I’ve only finished one present so far (out of five). The second present, while finished, has gone horribly wrong (a pair of mitts that are two different sizes). I might have time to re-knit (for the second time) one of the mitts but nothing else.

Will my friend care? No, of course not because there is still a special box of tea I bought her and a jar of homemade ginger cranberry sauce. And she knows that my very difficult parent went into hospice last week and all of the weight of dealing with everything has fallen on me who lives 1,000 miles away.

So thank you. I feel better now. It doesn’t HAVE TO be finished by Christmas.


No, I work from home so no commute. Good tip though.


Oh, these are hilarious!


Did you know my mother, Danielle? We had that conversation so many times over the years that that’s one of the things I miss now that she’s gone - ‘No Mother, your other left’!


Well, I finished my first gift - a cowl for myself! The Capture Cowl in Shibui Knits Maai and Silk Cloud. It is very soft and lovely, and I wore it today, it kept me very warm. Have now moved on to Batman Cowl and Fingerless Mitts, then the must-knits will be done and I can work on socks for my kids.


Gift for yourself - way to go!


Despite my best efforts not to knit a gift, I’m getting sucked in by the inspiration/peer pressure here…I keep thinking that my toddler needs a penguin sweater.