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The Giftalong: A Knitalong for the Holidays


I don’t do holiday gift knitting. Too much pressure! But Mom-in-law asked me to knit her a Kilter hat. She’s going to Antarctica(!) later this month, so how could I say no?

I’m knitting the worsted weight version in Malabrigo Rios, color Coco.

I have good company while knitting. Halfway there!


That is a very cute hat! Your MIL is a lucky lady.


Such a helpful kitty!


I started another pair of fingerless mittens. Pattern is “Gnarled Entling Mitts.” I lost the band from the yarn, I think it’s worsted weight Lorna’s Lace.


Did you use a pattern? (please say yes I want to knit these so much)


I finished! Kilter hat, for my MIL. It’s heading her way tomorrow. (I waited a bit too long to get ready to go out, and now it’s a winter wonderland here in snowy PDX.)

I want a picture from Antarctica!


The pattern is “No Your Other Left” by Kirsten McTeer. It’s on Ravelry.


Thank you so much, I know several people who these would be perfect for!!!


report from the continuous knitting of projects that seem not to end: nearly to the heel of socks, 3 bluebirds of happiness, thanks to @collier_claudia’s post in Giftalong: PPP ; 7 repeats of Project Peace cowl; nearly done with a last minute Bertrand Louis for my awesome hair stylist; and the other biggies - Architexture, Beloved’s sweater, and Harbinger shawl.

Other than those sweet bluebirds, i feel like I’ve made very little progress. But i’m ok with it. Closing out a semester takes a lot of energy, I am reminded every december. Knitting on.


I have made three Portillo Cowls from Drop Dead Easy Knits. Fast, fast super bulky. I will get pictures of them if the sun ever comes out when I am not at work! One in Rasta and two in Pop! Heading for worsted wt socks next.


The closer to the holidays, the bigger the yarn . . . ; )


I fell down a hole at Six Loose Ladies when we went to Vermont over Thanksgiving weekend. It wasn’t my fault! I have a family of enablers. The Cascade 220 Superwash will be socks for my sweetie. That lovely rose colored Cascade mohair will be a scarf for my mother. That red Malabrigo will also decorate my mom–she needs a hat (I’m thinking the Kilter hat that someone linked to on this thread). There’s a bag of multi colored roving peeking out at the top that will thrum a mitten for my sister-ish. You can just see the K on the Interweave holiday issue that I am still mad about. Dirty pool Interweave–you took advantage of the impulse purchases. You won’t fool me again. Piecework has some gorgeous embroidery in at that I will never, ever do but I like to look at it.

That coil of purples in the middle is my new favorite thing. It’s a sock blank dyed by a local artist. Also going to be for my mom when I stop playing with it. It’s dyed so you can easily have two matching socks but the colors are so pretty and the changes so gradual that I am toying with the idea of fraternal socks instead of identical.

If you don’t know Six Loose Ladies you need to. They have a solid, if smallish, selection of mainstream yarns (Cascade, Noro, Rowan, etc.) but their real strength and beauty is in the local yarns. Tons and tons of them. And it’s fun to go in and just hang out. Except we all know what happens then–you start to look around and you end up buying the Topsy Turvy toy book because it is just too darn cute to resist.


Speaking of Topsy-Turvy Inside-Out Knit Toys, I just finished Dog in the Doghouse for my nephew. (All with machine washable scrap yarn!)


How cute is that?! I’m not allowed to start playing with my book until I finish my Christmas knitting.


So cute! And excellent knitting + scrap yarn = perfect!


I finally finished a test knit cardigan on Wednesday, including sewing on buttons and giving it a nice bath. While it is blocking (it usually takes days to dry this time of year), I am back to gift knitting. I am also in Ohio visiting my youngest (he started singing his senior year in high school, and now in college performs with an acapella group–tonight is their big concert). My travel knitting is a scarf for my nephew in Blue Moon Twisted, and I got about half done on the flight out from California.

I brought a second project (mitts and cowl for older son’s girlfriend) in case I knit quickly.

Last year I knit two hats and two pair of mitts on this same trip.


I love this idea so much! I may have to do the same (with knitted animals), love that book.


The Mitten Animals are done. Hooray! Today I start the Mitten mitten. Big yarn and big needles, here I come.


What is the cowl pattern? I loved it!


That wasn’t a banshee you just heard. It was just me picking out Kitchener stitch.