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The Giftalong: A Knitalong for the Holidays


I have developed a pattern for a mini Christmas Stocking toe up. It takes about an hour to knit and then can be hand felted in the sink with hot water and a little dab of soap. `

this is great as a tree ornament, gif wrap for those little items such as nail polish, lip balm or even gift certificates. Yesterday I made four of them. I just need to add a little bit of ribbon at the top back for hanging.


This is darling! What a great way to present a little something - always need [and appreciate!] a new lip balm!


On the upside: one of the bulky knits is almost done ( a kids’ size 5 on us13 needles, how long can I take???).
On the more-work side: both sons’ girlfriends, when lightly prodded, said they wanted hats. One colorwork snowflakes, one simple in silver and black. I always take heart when the girlfriends request knits with sincere interest, it means they want to stay on my good side and care what I think or do.
Lastly I will knit some Portillo Cowls and Trip Mitts for friends at the very last minute because I can.


I had to pick out Kitchener stitch last week too. On black yarn! But it was only like four stitches (one of the paws on the dog for my nephew).


Here at Knitting Three Together in Huntsville, Ontario we are always looking for the quick one ball or skein idea for customers. Well a friend of mine saw a picture of a crocheted bun hat that she wondered if i made. Of course I said yes and cam up with my own knitted version. This one used 1 ball of Noro Kureyon.


@sabograd: it’s

totally fun to make!


Such fun! I really think this is cool.


With the completion of this hat, I have only one more gift to knit!! It’s a biggie though, wish me luck :slight_smile:

Hat pattern: Dino Topper by Ursula Almeida, on Ravelry


Thank you!

I’ll take a look.


That hat is epic. I’m sure the recipient is going to love it!


I finished the fingerless mitts and my Batman cowl just needs its ears sewn on. Hubby asked me, rather timidly, if he could have a new scarf and hat. He didn’t want to bother me because “he knew how many projects I had in the queue”. He’s my favorite person to knit for though!! Started a mistake rib scarf for him in Plucky Knitter Primo Worsted. Yay!


Remember when I said that my boundless optimism and continuous adding of projects and presents to my list of things to knit would die down and I would get real about my expectations for knitting? It looks like that’s not happening. I have added a few hat to my list, including one for a friend’s son which I finished last night. I’m so proud of this one, so I’ll share it here:


OH my, that is darling!


Vern is done. One. Hundred. And. Sixty. Stitches. Kitchenered.


EPIC! Way to persevere!


Better late than never.


Another pair of squad mitts in the books. One to go!


The cardigan I am knitting for my goddaughter is coming along. I’m racing to meet the last posting day. It has two sleeves, one of which has a completed cuff. Just the knitted on border on the main part to go: about 26 cabled repeats I think.
I’m very pleased with the progress so far, especially that I have figured out how to kitchener stitch in pattern. Whoop whoop!


Socks for my husband. They will have afterthought heels, but I will add those after I either finish all the other Christmas Knitting, or after Christmas. Probably after Christmas. As you can see, I haven’t woven in any of the ends yet.


Another pair of socks. This one is for my daughter, and these have short row heels. Once again I have not woven in any of the ends. I am waiting until I know if they fit.