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The Giftalong: A Knitalong for the Holidays


I love fraternal twin mittens, socks, mitts(?), whatever. Gorgeous colors. Hope they fit and she loves them!


i’ve finished some more stuff - a pair of mitts, another cowl (unplanned!) and more progress on Beloved’s socks, and the 2nd pair of mukluks for my grrl gang. here’s the unplanned cowl:


Casting on my fourth pair of Squad Mitts. All are made of MadTosh Merino Light, including a number of OOAK unicorn tails. I’ve stopped trying to keep track of colors! I hope to get 5 pairs made, although the last pair doesn’t need to be done until December 27!


Pleased to report that I made it to the target 30 dishcloths, with a slight diversion to attempt a beret for a friend visiting from interstate . (That turned out a bit small, but friend quite happy for me to deliver my second attempt at the beret when we get to visit her in Melbourne next month - and also get to go watch some Australian Open tennis, excellent knitting time.)
So pics of most of the finished dishcloths, the choccies and then the gift bag production line.

Now I’m using up the leftover cotton to knit what has become a traditional Christmas gift a for my other sister, an MDK handtowel!


Nice! I love hand knitted dishcloths!


Finished my last gift, a Rambler scarf for my husband! :raised_hands:t2:
Alfie the cat approves. :blush:
Now to start a hat for myself!


Beautiful. And #helpfulknittingcats.


The mailed presents reached their recipients yesterday and today. My nephew (26 next month) couldn’t wait and opened his gift. He says he LOVES his new scarf (emphasis his) and will send a photo shortly. This is what it looked like before I mailed it:

I passed the halfway point with my son’s hat this morning. This is what it looked like at the morning knit group:

All the ends have been worked in and I am now close to the gold interior stripes.

I also took a photo of his girlfriend’s cowl. We won’t see her, my daughter, or my daughter’s boyfriend until January 6th, so I have some breathing room.

How are the rest of you doing?


Well done!
All my gift-knitting is done. But the momentum of this group has had me re-examine my stash, and pull out a few UFO’s for myself. This is the year of finishing non-dangerously, apparently. Wahoo.


So great, so great! I too find it totally inspiring to see all the things
everyone is finishing. It is generating a mighty startitis over here, I
will say. I may run out of needles at the rate I’m going.

Cheers to everybody! Do not run out of chocolate, whatever you do.
Sustenance for the journey.


Here’s the mitts. Tried and true.


Long-reader, first-time poster here. My giftalong odyssey this year has gone something like this:

November 1st: Decide there will be no handknitted gifts this year. I need to finish 2 long-standing WIPs instead. I acquire the needed yarn to finish both and start making good progress.

November 24: At Thanksgiving, find out that my daughter’s new apartment is not properly heated, her bedroom especially. Determine that what she urgently needs is a light wool shawl to wrap herself in at night, as I do. Bonus point: I happen to have the perfect yarn in the stash so I start right away.

Dec. 3: Still making decent progress on shawl. Attempt to order online a doll outfit that is all that my 5-year-old granddaughter has asked from Santa. Find out the outfit is sold out online but the local store may still have it in stock.

Dec. 4: Go to local store. The outfit is sold out. Never mind, call daughter who lives in NYC and convince her to check the company store there. The website says they have the precious outfit. The website is wrong. Sold out! Santa is going to disappoint!

Dec. 5. It’s a knit outfit after all. I can do this. Google and Ravelry to the rescue; I find one or two patterns that I can adapt to create a reasonable imitation of the elusive outfit. And I can get them right away, thanks to the magic of PDF! Life is good.

Dec. 6: start knitting the outfit. The knitting is fast when it comes to dressing a 15" creature. Felt antlers, on the other hand, take me forever. But eventually, the thing is finally done and I can return to the shawl.

Dec. 17: shawl finished and blocked.

Now knitting a child-size hat to match the doll’s outfit.

Today: knitting done. Still need to sew felt antlers and knitted ears on child’s hat, by far the most time-consuming task in this knitalong which in my case is more of a last minute sprint. Just like other years.


2 Tips for IOU-avoidance.

  1. Knit for those furthest away first. Those that are closer (i.e. in your house or town) can be knit for into the wee hours of gift-giving-eve if necessary.

  2. Any unfinished IOUs become Birthday presents instead. This works especially well in my case, as my partner’s birthday is in February so it’s just enough time to finish that sweater that still needed one and a half sleeves.


I have been known to wrap an unfinished gift with the needles still in it and a picture of what it is supposed to look like so that the giftee has something to open. They keep the picture and give back the actual thing so it can be finished.


This saga is so wonderful. From a reader’s perspective, I mean, not necessarily from the protagonist’s.


Perfect hat! Bet the lucky traveler will be pleased - and warm :slight_smile:


I once made a mini sock for my sister out of her kneesock-in-progress yarn. She still loves it, and the finished kneesocks!


More items in the Giftalong pile- a pair of Maine Morning Mitts from Clare Parker. Done in a Jill,Draper something.
But my faves are 2 Hempstead Wreaths from True Brit Knis. They are so adorable (I must say)and they have all the fun you get with making Popoms!!!


I finished ALLLL the gift knitting 2 days ago. I have time to do two extra hats now (last minute "can you please please please knit messy bun hats). But I don’t need those until New Years weekend, so I’m good. My fingers are thanking me for the break :slight_smile: Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas, and a Joyous New Year all you lovelies!!


Just finished my son’s hockey hat. First two shots are team side (blue) and name side (white). Third shot is almost complete hat showing the construction.

Now the only remaining gifts to knit or finish knitting are not due until January 6.