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The Giftalong: A Knitalong for the Holidays


…and the Christmas Knitting is done. These are fingerless mitts for my son. Kind of boring compared to the socks, but this is what he requested. I still have 24 hours. Plenty of time to knit something else, right?


I have done that too. One year I even just wrapped the yarn for my husband’s Christmas sox with an IOU.


The monogram scarf is done, and so is gift knitting. Fa-la-la!


My nephew got to open his presents from me early… My sister says: “Once we figured out the dog folds into the house, he says “we need to put the doggy in his house!” :smile:

(that’s Dog in the Doghouse by Susan B. Anderson)


Sooooo close! Heel turned on sock #1 and hat is 80% done. I can definitely finish by Sunday. Question is, do I have enough private knitting time to keep these items a secret until then?


The plan was to finish off the Station Wagon Blanket first, then reward myself with all the quick knit presents I’m also trying to finish by January 6.

The blanket wasn’t calling to me today, so I cast on each of the other gifts, since I really didn’t feel like working on son’s girlfriend’s cowl either. Finally settled into my daughter’s cowl. It is very bulky yarn (Blue Moon Sookie) in a color inspired by the movie Frozen. After a few hours, I have made very satisfying progress.


I am almost finished my Christmas knitting, it has been 3 pair of socks, 2 hats and a doll. The doll is not going to be done. Not liking it, will have to start again. The last hat only has 3inches to go.


Just under the wire, last pair of squad mitts only needs ends sewn in. Then a baby gift and a pair for me after the holidays!


Finished my daughter’s cowl this morning. The pattern is Ditty Cowl by Shannon Squires and it was a fast, satisfying project.

Here it is before blocking:


I made it, but just barely. Last gift was cast off and wrapped at 1:30am on Christmas morning. It was #19. Next year we scale back. Now for a bit of selfish knitting.


Just finished a second gift for January 6 (also known as Xmas 2.0 at our house). It is a brioche cowl and the pattern is called the Stormy Morningside Neckwarmer by Jared Flood.

I knit it in Woolfolk Far, so it is exceptionally soft and cosy. I didn’t realize I was playing yarn chicken until I wove in my ends (about 3" each for cast off and cast on ends). That’s 1/4" left from the long tail cast on and 14" left from the cast off.


That’s an insane game of yarn chicken! I can;t believe you didn;t notice you were playing :grin: :laughing:


Now that much of the gifting has finished, is there a place where we can maintain the momentum of ‘must knit, so I can show photos, so I can keep up this accountability impetus, and finally get things finished’? Perhaps a ‘Selfish Knitting (now that the holiday requirements are complete)’ topic?


Hello all! I almost made it but not quite. And that was perfectly okay! The only person who didn’t get a handknit gift (of those who were supposed to) is my date but I’ve got a good running start on his socks so he’ll have them soon. I gave up a lot of prime knitting time to friends and family and it was worth every minute. The stitches will wait–the people are precious.

I ended up doing a lot of my washing and blocking at the office. I work in a Victorian mansion that was purchased by an order of cloistered Sacramentine nuns in the early 1920s. They built onto the mansion, added a teaching order, two schools and a public chapel. It is now home to some of our support programs along with about 35 units of housing. It’s a really beautiful property and a really cool place to work in. In the spirit of the early 20th century, there’s one huge boiler for the whole property and, since we have housing, it can’t be turned off. Which means my office is pretty much the surface of the sun. The bulkiest cowl literally dried in about half an hour. (BTW–if anyone knows where I can find a few million bucks for historic restoration, let me know. You never know what knitters can help with!)

The next two weeks are for peaceful, quiet knitting and tidying up.


I finished the Replacement Converts (flip-top) mittens for my daughter, who lost the originals in a June house fire, on Thursday last and got them wrapped and under the tree an hour before she and her family staggered in from a 10 hour drive to Wisconsin from Lexington, KY. She sounded so sad when she told me they’d been felted by the fabric restoration people that I dug through the stash, found the exact same yarn as the originals, and immediately cast on. I have never knitted mittens faster but she was thrilled to open the package.

The crocheted animals and big white mitten for the tiny grandkids to go along with Jan Brett’s The Mitten were an instant hit with the 3-year-old. She carried the animal -filled mitten around the rest of the evening. Score one for Meemaw!


I love these!! And great color. Did you modify the almeda glove pattern ? I like yours so much more. Elaine


The main thing is that HE likes them. When my husband requested fingerless mitts, he asked for gray as well. He wanted half fingers too, lol. But he WEARS them so that’s the main thing!


Well, I got most of my gift knitting done! The orange 1898 hat and mitts, and another 1898 hat knit double-thick with alpaca/wool yarn for the entire cap. The recipient is very pleased!

The socks were a different story - so many reknits of various components that I lost count. Let this be a lesson to us all: know how much yarn you need for a project before you begin! They’re almost finally done after 3 solid days of re-knitting. Determined to finish them before the end of 2016!


Hi @Ann1 - so there were originally going to be door prizes for this KAL, according to the post on MDK. Is that happening?


My giftalong knitting ran a little behind schedule. However, I’m nearly back on track. I finished the creature for my six-month-old niece.

I’ve called it Denise, since I’ve made it for “de niece”. The trouble is, everyone who sees it wants a variation. It’s made from Edward’s Crochet Imaginarium book, which is a flip book where you choose different elements and combine them to make a unique creature. I’ve now closed requests for more until I can supply the ones requested so far.

The other gift knitting was for my goddaughter. It’s a simple cardigan, but with a cabled border that seems never ending. I think I’ve got about another 15 repeats to go and then that will be done.