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The Giftalong: A Knitalong for the Holidays



Seriously, this book seems magical and like I need to get one of my own!! Your work is beautiful, and I can see why everyone wants one (everyone, me included :smile_cat:)


Love this thing! Might have to bust on my crochet skills and make one. Oh dear.


Socks DONE! These have been on the needles since May. Glad to see the back side of them.


I love those little sock-shapers. What a great way to gift socks!


I finished my third and final Ma present,

which is more colorful in RL. I also made her a small afghan, shared earlier, and a pair of mitts to match. All of these things were crocheted, because at 95 she is cold all the time, and needs volume, volume, volume with the presents. Crochet is faster.
This shawl is made out of Red Heart Unforgettable, which is nice and warm and soft - and unforgettable in the wrong way. It lives to split. I hadn’t known singles yarn split. It is silky and has a halo, somewhat like unbrushed mohair, and I wanted to use a luxurious yarn that would not give the tender skin of an old person a rash.
I am knitting a friend a scarf and hope to finish soon. Three down and one to go.


Oh I don’t gift the socks that way - at $16 a pair for the sock blockers that would add up! I just posed them that way for the photo since I hadn’t bothered to wash them. :slight_smile:


So please please please enlighten me as to what a messy bun hat looks like.


This is one of my Messy Bun Hats. It has a hole for the messy bun to come out


Just trying the advanced search option to look for grandpa sweaters & this pope up!!!#


Did I miss a pattern for your messy bun hat? My grandaughter moved to college & her birthday was last week and this would be great for me to knit for her!


I finished my last hand knit gift the day before yesterday, a half linen stitch scarf in yarn I dyed Purple! and Turquoise!!! at her request. As half linen stitch does it got startlingly larger when blocked.



Pleased to report that only one of the thirty dishcloth & choccie gift bags remaining on my sister’s table, waiting for a home visit from her GP. The purple shades were chosen first, and yellows and blues the slowest.
Also have now finished the second attempt at the beret and pretty confident will fit my friend’s noggin this time.

So with my Chrissie knitting now completed, l’ve returned to my neglected WIP - Fine Sand cardigan for me, cream coloured cotton which I planned to be wearing this summer, still a month or so to go for us in the Southern Hemisphere, so I’m hopeful…