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The Great Isabell Knitalong


I am actually purling the whole thing (Portuguese) so all the strands are on the outside. I’ve arranged to borrow some needles from a friend for the colorwork section though!


Below the eyelets…

Better photos this weekend.


Love the colours in your yarn!

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Hey all. I have a question for the Bottom Liners.

I’m stuck on how to do the SL4L. I know I slip 5 stiches purlwise from the left needle to the right. Got it. If I count the stitches (going right to left, in the order I’m slipping them), then the 5th stitch becomes the last stitch (i.e. left-most) on my right needle. How do I “lift fifth st over first 4 st and off needle” ? Is it as simple as the “5th” stitch is actually the first (or right-most) slipped stitch on my right needle?


Replying to myself, because the magic of typing the question helped me answer it. I think it really is as simple as I was calling the wrong stitch “5th.”


You got it! The first stitch of the 5 you slip to the right needle will be the stitch you pick up and pull from right to left over the other 4. It creates a mirror image to the SL4R.


I love all the wips here! I had cast on right before this was announced and knit a half sleeve Petula in just over a week, such a happy knit. I love Isabell’s patterns!
It’s blocking now and I’m very much looking forward to it being dry


Thank you. I’ll try to get a daylight photo this weekend.


Thank you for this reassurance! My brain couldn’t quite get it for a sec, but that’s what mine now looks like, too. Phew. :slightly_smiling_face:


I’d just like to share an “aha” moment of appreciation for Isabell Kraemer’s design talent…anyone else notice that the M1 increases in the round preceding the openwork pattern of Bottom Line align with the center purl stitches and make a cool little teardrop in that column? :heart_eyes:




Wow, that is just beautiful :heart_eyes: Great work!!!


I am on row 5 of the 8. Row 1 was the most fiddly for me, but sharp pointy needles are important here. I switched my needles for this part and it made a huge difference.


Pointy needles for the win! Especially if you’re a tight knitter. I basically only use Chiaogoo red lace or HiyaHiya sharps.


Last night I hit that point where I start getting paranoid about running out of yarn. Especially hand-dyed yarn in a color that is sold out. My brain tells me that there should be sufficient yarn, but my eye does not believe it. So I started a sleeve before I finished the body, you know, just to get a sense of how fast the first sleeve eats up yarn.


My fingers are crossed!

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Just started a short sleeve linen version of the Bottom Line Pullover for summer. Love KALs!!


I’m really enjoying my Bottom Line Pullover but have no idea how to post a photo here. Could someone please tell me how to do that? I’ve searched the FAQ’s but didn’t find it there. I’m probably just missing something.

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We wanna seeee! When you hit “reply” there should be a little button on the bottom right corner of the text box that looks like a landscape picture symbol. If you push that (on your phone, at least) you’ll have the option to take a photo or choose one from your photo library.

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Thanks, HannahD! I’ll see if I can post it here.