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The Great MDK Ease-along


Knitters, this is it.

We are in the heart of summertime, the absolute center of the season where maybe we all wish for that long-gone school calendar with entire weeks of do-nothingness ahead of us. Remember the vast amount of time? Remember how summer seemed absolutely endless?

Well, let’s figure out how to get a bit of that back in our lives. We’re launching the first-ever MDK Ease-along, a knitalong where the goal is to A) chill out, B) knit something beautiful, and C) see A.

The Ease-along is a knitalong where you make whatever project you like from our new Field Guide No. 7: Ease, a collection by Julia Farwell-Clay that is designed to lower the blood pressure, with projects that run the gamut from easy to astonishingly easy.

Share your Ease-along plans and progress here.


Must finish wip first. Too much pressure!


I’m so in on this one!!! I refuse to feel pressure, when it’s supposed to be fun!!!


Yes! This is as much a mental knitalong as a literal one. Free your mind, and the knitting will follow… ; )


What’s this? An excuse to put one of my wips aside in favour of the “doodly-do criss-cross” I’ve been itching to make since I first saw it? I’m in! :smiley:


It’s good to stockpile WIPs for the lean times. I like to think I can bunker down for a decade or two with what I’ve got on.


With all the heat we’ve been experiencing lately, give me anything easy. I’m soooo in :exploding_head:


My plan is to make some bodhi leaf washcloths. Yep that is my only plan. at least one. maybe more. I have become bogged down in all of the wips that are floating around and I am going to just ignore them and make a pretty washcloth.


I bought my frog soaps yesterday at the French Market. Now I am ready to cast on the Bohdi Leaf washcloths.


Frog soaps??? Please share a photo.


I am also making the Bodhi Leaf washcloths as I had some Euroflax minis on hand. I have finished the first one and it turned out distinctly bowl-like. It would make a cute, if revealing, mermaid bikini top. I’m guessing the blocking will make it flatter, but I am wondering if one might reposition the decreases? :thinking:


I will attempt to share the picture, tech is not my strength. You can also go to the website to see them: Waterfall Glen Soap Company, LLC. It is based out of Palatine, Illinois. The soaps are named after family and friends.


I just shared the picture on Twitter, #mdkfieldguide7. That’s a start.


Thank you. I’m not a Twitter gal, so will look at the website. Thank you.


Oh my gosh! Those are super cute! Perfect for a gift with this cloths.


I am glad you like them. I finished my first cloth today. I am giving it as a gift along with a lovely pink frog, Katia.


I may have to buy myself a Morgan!


Ok I caved and bought some linen yarn. There is a wonderful soap lady at the farmers market on Saturdays. I will make some gifts for the gift closet. Can’t wait to get started.


I completed 3 of the Bohdi wash cloths this past weekend. One while waiting for my 16 year old daughter to get ready to go to Costco…(She takes FOREVER to get ready!!! I spend a lot of time waiting for her!) I made 2 with single strand linen and then decided to try with double stranded. I like the one with double better…it’s larger.


I’ve had this stuck in my head since this topic launched. Been humming it over some very lovely knitting.\